Math 181

June 4, 2013 Name: Answer Key

Quiz 1


1.       The average surface temperature of the earth can be modeled by the linear function T=.02t+8.50, where T is temperature in C and t represents years since 1900.

What do the slope and T-intercept represent in this model?


The slope, .02, represents the number of degrees Celsius that the average surface temperature of the earth increases each year.

The T-intercept, 8.50, is the average surface temperature in 1900




2.       Express the function


Note: this is not only possible answer, but it is the only one that makes both f and g as simple as possible.



3.       Find all solutions of the equation correct to 3 decimal places (use your calculator).


Either graph and find the intersections, or graph and find its zeroes. Either way you should get x=-.724 and x=1.221








Find the exponential function whose graphs is:

(which can be verified by substituting x=1 and x=3 and confirming that the desired ys are obtained)