Math 181

Quiz 5

July 16, 2013 Name: Key


MMj03033760000[1]1. A kite flies at a height of 40 feet. When the kite is at a horizontal distance of 30 feet from the kid flying it, a wind blows it at a (horizontal) speed of 10 feet/second away from kid. At what rate does the kid need to let out more string (or, in other words, at what rate is the distance between the kite and the kid increasing)?






If we let x be the horizontal distance of the kite from the kid, and

z be the length of the string, then

Since initially x=30, we get z=50.










2. For the function :

a. Find the critical points

are the only critical points.





b. Find the absolute maximum and minimum on the domain [-3,5]


Check the critical points and the endpoints:

So, on this domain the absolute maximum is 60 at x=5, and the absolute minimum is -21 at x=2.