Text Box: MA094 (Math Prep) Syllabus
Fall 2013
Montgomery College Mathematics Department




Instructor Information

Name: Rick Penn

Email:  Rick.Penn@montgomerycollege.edu

Office Location/Phone: 30 Science West

Office Hours:  Tues: 11am-12pm; W,F: 10-11am


Course Information

Course CRN: 24136

Class days & time: W,F 1:00-2:15

Class locations: SW129 (Weds), SW132 (F)

 (New students only) MLP access code must be purchased by: Tuesday, September 10

Last day for a refund:  9/3/13


Last day to drop without a grade or to change from audit to credit or from credit to audit: 9/17/13

Last date to drop the class with a W grade: 11/12/13

Last day of Class: 12/13/2013

Last day Open Labs Available: 12/13/2013


MLP Course Website:   www.montgomerycollege.mylabsplus.com


MA094 Lab Information (to fulfill Flex Time Obligation)

Location: SW 132, SW 133

Open Lab Hours: Mon and Wed:  8:30 am – 8:25 pm           Tues and Thurs: 8:00am – 8:25 pm

                                                                                            Friday:  8:30am – 3:30pm

                                                                                            Saturday:  8:00am – 1:50pm      

I.          General Course Information (0 credits):

Description:    For students who need review of the fundamentals of arithmetic, a thorough introduction to signed numbers, and a presentation of the basic concepts of algebra. Topics include proportion and percent, polynomials, factoring, inequalities in one variable, linear equations, systems, graphing, integer exponents and quadratic equations. Applications are included throughout the course.  This self-paced course has no lecture and incorporates independent computer use; in order to advance through course topics, students must achieve required level of mastery. Students scoring below 44 on the Accuplacer Algebra Placement Test are expected to complete the course in two semesters; students scoring 44 or higher are expected to complete in one semester.  Assessment level:  RD 099/103.  For computation of tuition, this course is equivalent to three semester hours. 


II.         Class Format: 

This section incorporates independent computer use which requires a level of mastery in order to advance through the course topics. Students are expected to attend every class session for the entire period and spend enough time working in the Math 094 Open Lab and at home in order to make sufficient progress in the course. Sufficient progress is defined as successfully completing at least 6 tests in the current semester or completing the course.

Be forewarned of the college policy which allows an instructor to drop a student from a course if (s)he has missed more than the equivalent of a week’s worth of classes.  Attendance will be taken each day your class meets.  Swiping your college ID before and after your Math 094 Lab visit will track additional weekly minutes. 


III.       Software, Textbook, and Other Supplies:    

Required:          MyLabsPlus access code which includes an electronic form of the textbook (new

                        students only)

Personal Notebook - for homework and notes

Calculator:  Allowed ONLY after Test #4.
CAS calculators (such as TI-89/92/ N-spire) are NOT allowed.

Optional:           Textbook:  Prealgebra and Introductory Algebra by Martin-Gay, 3rd edition

Headphone/ear buds – for personal use in class or lab


IV.       Grading Policy and Criteria:

Homework: Students are required to use the online software, MyLabsPlus to complete homework assignments. They will view at least one of the media assignments, taking notes and working out assignment problems in their notebooks.  Once a student has achieved 100% on the corresponding homework assignment, s(he) will be allowed to progress to the next section, and so on, until reaching the test on that unit. A personal notebook is required to show all work for homework assignments and notes for media assignments.  Students should bring their math notebooks to each class and each lab session.  A significant amount of time will be allotted for students to work in MyLabsPlus during class, but this will not be sufficient for a successful semester in MA094.

Tests: In order to move forward in the course, students must achieve 80% on each test up through Test 9.  Retakes will be allowed after the appropriate correction assignment is completed with 100%.  Scoring at least 70% on the Final Test is a requirement for completion of MA094.  All students, except students in Distance Learning sections MUST take their tests in class or in their own campus’ Math 094 Lab.  Students in DL classes will take their tests in the Assessment Centers. Students are required to present a picture ID, and an organized homework notebook before taking each test.  Students may not receive help during testing and may only use calculators on Tests 5-10. Sanctions given in response to violations of established testing policies will be governed by the Montgomery College Student Code of Conduct.

Course Grade:  

A student has completed Math 094 when the Final Test (Test 10) is completed with a score of at least 70%.  The MyLabsPlus (MLP) Overall Score, which can be found in the MLP gradebook, is a weighted average computed as follows:

Test 1A – Test 5: 80% minimum score required to proceed. These scores are not reflected in the

            MLP Overall Score.

Test 6 – Test 9: each test counts 12% of the MLP Overall Score

Test 10 (Final Test): counts 40% of the MLP Overall Score

A grade of A, B, or C is awarded when the MA094 Final Test (Test 10) is completed with a score of at least 70%, and the MLP Overall Score is:                          

90% – 100%:  Grade of A           80% – 89.99%: Grade of B        70% – 79.99%: Grade of C


Students who have not completed Test 10 with at least a score of 70% will need to register for Math 094 again in a subsequent term.  If a student has not completed the course, but has passed at least 6 tests in the current session, his/her semester grade will be “H”, indicating that one semester’s worth of work has been completed.  Students who do not qualify for an A,B,C, or H will be assigned a grade of U, indicating unsatisfactory progress during that semester. 

Please note that students are encouraged to complete their math requirements in consecutive semesters.

Students continuing in Math 094 within a year of their last attempt will begin at the section following the last test they successfully completed.  Students continuing after a year or more will be placed by their instructor.


V.         Math 094 Open Lab – “FLEX TIME”

Students are required to spend an additional 75 minutes per week in the lab to satisfy the attendance policy for this course. Lab time is to be used only to do math homework and/or to take tests.  Students will scan their student IDs when entering and leaving the lab to record their times spent in the lab.  There will be MA094 faculty in the lab who can help with any math questions.      


VI.       Reference Links           Class/Lab Policies                                  Course Outcomes