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The Rothschild Collection at the Smithsonian American Art Museum

 “Without the patent system, we would be a Third World country, because without it, nothing would have been developed. We changed from an agricultural society that plowed fields with horses to one that uses John Deere tractors,” Rothschild

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Spotlight on the Rothschild Patent Model Collection In

Rothschild Peterson Patent Model Museum

Inventing a better Mousetrap

About the American Art Museum

The Temple of Invention

Trying to Build a Better Mousetrap - a Wall Street Journal article.

Invention of the Paper Bag Machine - Margaret Knight

Margaret Knight - Paper Industry Hall of Fame Inductee

Honorable Scars - Life and Limb

Wall Text from Patent Model at Smtihsonian

Collectibles: The shape of an idea


Readings on Patents and Copyrights

An Economic History of Patent Institutions by Zoirina Khan

Sequential Innovation, Patents and Imitation by Bessen and Maskin

Patent Trolls - The article

A settlement by Vonage over patents - NYT article

The case for abolishing patents - The article

Patents by David R Henderson

Patent laws and War on Good Drugs by Morgan Rose

An Interview with Paul Romer on Economic Growth

An Economic history of CopyRights in Europe and the United States

Era of Open Innovation - Ted Talk


National Museum of American History

Patent Models
Patent Models:Texttiles and Sewing Machines

National Archive
Cotton Gin

Other exhibits

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