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New Grades

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MW Exam 1 Grades

TR Exam 1 Grades


Welcome Fall Microbiology Students

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**Important! All students must print ALL lab handouts (make a packet) and bring ALL of them to lab every class.  If you choose to use your laptop or tablet to access the handouts from lab, that is ok but there are several handouts that must be printed and turned in for a grade.  If you do not have the lab packet or the handouts that need to be turned in, you will not be allowed to attend lab and that absence will be unexcused!**















**Lecture Handouts**

Note:  These handouts are not necessarily in chronological order.  Check syllabus for sequence.

**Lab Handouts**

Note:  These handouts are not necessarily in chronological order.  Check syllabus for sequence.

Audio Recordings

Lecture Syllabus Lab Syllabus


Introduction Lab Safety

Microscopy & Staining

Microscopy "Where Do I Put It"

Anatomy of Prokaryotes

Functional Anatomy of Bacteria - Entire notes Laboratory Basics for Microbiology

Metabolism Pt. 1


2-1 Ubiquity of Microorganisms   and

Environmental Plate (print both of these)

Metabolism Pt. 2

Bacterial Growth 1-4 Common Aseptic Transfers

Bacterial Growth

Microbial Genetics 3-1 Microscope  
Classification 3-4 Simple Stain  
Bacterial Groups - Entire notes 3-6 Gram Stain

Gram Stain Grade Sheet

Control of Microbial Growth - Entire notes 3-7 Acid-fast Stain  
Antimicrobials 3-9 Endospore Stain  
Fungi 3-5; 3-8 Negative Stain/Capsule Stain  
Bacterial Viruses 3-10; 5-24 Motility  
Animal Viruses 3-11 Flagella Stain  
  Morphological Unknown Grade Sheet  
Principles of Disease 2-3; 2-4 Growth Patterns  
Pathogenicity & Innate Immunity Free-Living and Parasitic Protozoa  
Adaptive Immunity Fungi  
Immune Disorders 2-8 Temperature  
HIV/AIDS 2-6 Aerotolerance  
TB 2-7 Anaerobic Jar  
Calculating Bacterial Growth - see textbook for more info 1-5 Streak Plate Isolation

Streak Plate Grade Sheet

Significant Figures-Long Version 6-1 Standard Plate Count  
Significant Figures-Short Version 4-1, 3, 4, 5 Selective and Differential Media  

Bioinformatics - TBA

Selective and Differential Media Chart  
Quorum Sensing 5-11, 14, 16 Starch, Lipid, Gelatin Hydrolysis  

Lac Operon Animation

5-6 Nitrate  

Cell Size and Scale Animation

5-4 Catalase  
  5-2, 3, 7, 12, 18 Indole, Sulfur, Urease, MR/VP, carbs  
  Biochemical Test Summary Chart  
  7-2 Antimicrobial Susceptibility  
  2-13 Chemical Germicides: Disinfectants and Antiseptics  
  6-3 Bacteriophage Plaque Assay  
  Gradient Plate - Isolation of Streptomycin Resistance  
  7-5 Water Testing - Membrane Filter Method  
  5-20; 5-21 Microbial Flora of Throat and Skin - Staph and Strep  
  8-2 UV  
  7-1 Snyder Test  
Symbiotic Relationships  Not this semester    

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