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Office: 454 K Science Center

Phone: 240-567-5219

Fall, 2014 Schedule

MATH 130      MW        1-2:50   PM

MATH 280      TuTh      8:30-10:40  AM

MATH 280      MWF   11 AM - 12:25 PM

Office Hours  M 10:30-10:50 AM, Tu 11 AM-12:20 PM, Th 11-11:50 AM

Math/Science Center Tutoring   Th 12 - 12:50 PM, F 9-9:50 AM

                                         College Activities

Dr. Sonnabend is involved with placement testing for mathematics and requests
library books for the mathematics department. Professor Sonnabend serves as course
chair for MATH 130 (Elem. Teachers Course 1), MATH 131 (Elem. Teachers Course 2),
MATH 132 (Elem. Teachers Course 3),
and MATH 182 (Calculus 2). He developed an
expanded program of
three mathematics
courses for elementary and middle-school
  that was first offered in the
2002-03 school year. The 4th edition of his
textbook for teachers grades K-8 was
published in January, 2009.


Dr. Sonnabend has taught at Montgomery College since Fall, 1986. From 1973-79,
grades 5 and 9-12 in New York City. After that, Dr. Sonnabend taught at
the University of Maryland and Trinity College (D.C.). He has also worked with
inservice elementary school teachers. During his undergraduate days, Dr.
Sonnabend trained a dolphin and performed with it.


Dr. Sonnabend is the author of Mathematics for Teachers: An Interactive
Approach for Grades K-8 (4th. ed.) and articles including "Calculus Reform: An
Interview with Tom Sonnabend" and "Cooperative Learning in Mathematics for
Elementary Teachers." In addition, Dr. Sonnabend has published 29 book reviews
in the Mathematics Teacher.


Dr. Sonnabend has been a speaker at eight NCTM Annual meetings, five MAA
regional meetings, and a VCTM meeting.


Dr. Sonnabend was named the Maryland College Teacher of the Year for 2001 by
the Maryland Council of Teachers of Mathematics. He is also listed in Who's Who
Among America's Teachers, 2006/2007
Men of
Achievement (1996 edition).