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General Studies Advising Fair, 2023

Events, Workshops, and Information Sessions

Calendar Overview, General Studies Advising Fair (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window)

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Tuesday, April 11

Learn aboutnew window the University of Maryland's Criminology and Criminal Justice Program at the Universities at Shady Grove! This will be a great opportunity to ask the Pre-Transfer Advisor any questions you may have about the program, requirements, and the transfer process.

Are you a General Studies major? Join this sessionnew window to learn more about the General Studies degree, core options, how to plan your course selections, track completion of your degree requirements, and plan now for transfer.

IN PERSON advising session for Biology, Nursing, and Environmental Science & Policy. Come see us in SC 108, Rockville campus to ask all your questions about careers, course planning and more. Free pizza and snacks provided! 

Historians will be presentnew window to talk about their courses, their discipline and what skills and advantages it provides students as they enter the workplace and try to make sense of their world.

This advising sessionnew window is for General Studies STEM majors. Drop in during any part of the hour to speak to an advisor and ask your questions! 

This advising sessionnew window is for General Studies SSAH majors. Drop in during any part of the hour to speak to an advisor and ask your questions! 

This presentationnew window will explore various options and pathways students can take to prepare for a career in nursing.

Wednesday, April 12

This sessionnew window will help students choose their major and career path by offering suggestions and tips about various industries, colleges, and universities.

This advising sessionnew window is for General Studies HACL majors. Drop in during any part of the hour to speak to an advisor and ask your questions! 

Students interested in learning more about degree programs, transfer agreements, and career opportunities in criminal justice are encouraged to attend this sessionnew window. Faculty will be available to discuss the distinctions between the Montgomery College AA and AAS degree programs in criminal justice. We will also discuss issues related transfer programs, career pathways, and background clearance considerations.  

Learn in-depth informationnew window related to the translation and interpretation professional field.

Learn aboutnew window the University of Maryland's Criminology and Criminal Justice Program at the Universities at Shady Grove! This will be a great opportunity to ask the Pre-Transfer Advisor any questions you may have about the program, requirements, and the transfer process.

 Are you interested in contributing to the scientific process to solve real-world problems? Are you considering a career in research, but aren't sure what the options are? If so, this sessionnew window is for you! In it, you will learn about opportunities available through research projects that need the help of citizen scientists like you.

Learn the importance of being present in any given moment with the power of your mind-body.  This brief sessionnew window will explain the foundations of mindfulness practices and how they can improve your self-awareness as a college student. You will have the chance to experience one of many mindfulness practices during this session.

CCJS majors or students interested in criminal justice may meet with Professor Ginger Robinsonnew window to discuss course selection, program requirements, and career advising.

Have you completed 45 or more credits of coursework at the 100 & 200-levels? Then this sessionnew window is for you! We will review how to access your degree evaluation and how to read the information listed to see if you are on track to graduate. We will also talk about next steps to apply for graduation.

This sessionnew window is designed for students with fewer than 45 credits who are interested in developing academic goals and creating a path for graduation at Montgomery College. It will introduce you to the various resources you can use to create, update, and record your academic plan.

Our workshopnew window will feature a group of faculty and MC students that will discuss how integrated studies can aid students achieve their professional and academic goals. This will provide clear examples of integrated studies in the workplace, including disaster relief/recovery operations.

In this workshopnew window, we will talk with students about ways to build effective networks and connections with faculty and peers at their new institution.  The workshop is for students in any major, but presenters are Political Scientists -- one from the University of Maryland College Park and one from Montgomery College. Students will have opportunities to ask questions about the cultural and practical shifts they may experience moving from MC to a 4-year institution.

C3 STEMnew window is a partnership between Mount St. Mary’s University, Montgomery College, and Frederick Community College to support community college transfer students at Mount St. Mary’s University as they prepare for a future career in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). C3 STEM provides scholarship funds of $10,000 per year, a comprehensive pre- and post-transfer support system and the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research.

This sessionnew window is designed to introduce you to information, resources, and strategies to make plans to transfer. In this session, in addition to reviewing the resources available to help you transfer successfully, you will learn what kinds of things you should be thinking about as you plan to transfer.

Students in this sessionnew window will have the opportunity to meet virtually with each other and with faculty members from the International Studies Program and from Political Science. Students interested in International Studies and/or Political Science are encouraged to attend. Topics covered will include: course selection, internship opportunities, transfer, etc.

Our INTG advising drop-in sessionnew window will offer students to meet one-on-one with an INTG program advisor, where students can map out their course schedule at MC, discuss transfer/graduation plans, as well as how their major connects to their professional goals.

Come chat with usnew window and learn about what you can do with a degree in Economics.

This sessionnew window will discuss how to use social media to build an online presence and profile to help gain employment and offer suggestions of what to avoid and how to successfully network through social media. 

Thursday, April 13

Students interested in learning about the law school admissions process are strongly encouraged to attend this information sessionnew window. Mr. Shaffer will provide guidance on the academic and administrative processes necessary for law school admissions.  He will also discuss the services his office provides to University of Maryland students as they prepare for the application process.

Description: Do you want to know about the MC nursing program and dual enrollment with UMSON to get your bachelor's degree in nursing? Did you know that MC-Nursing has a partnership with UMSON for dual enrollment? Join usnew window for a meeting on April 13th to learn more about it.   

The social work profession offers tremendous opportunities to work in your communities and help those in need and advocate for social justice. Join usnew window to learn more about the social work profession and how you can earn your bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work right here in Montgomery county.

Meet with a Chemistry program advisornew window to complete your SAPC and to learn about classes in Chemistry, degree requirements, course prerequisites, and transfer opportunities.

Come to learn morenew window about how your coursework at MC can prepare you to major in English (and save some money), what it's like to major in English, and what you can do with an English degree.

Come find outnew window about Fall 2023 Literature offerings at TP/SS! Drop in to hear about exciting literature offerings... find out about how reading literature boosts critical thinking and increases happiness, connection, and empathy!

This workshopnew window will consider what content matters most in college resumes today. Styles and formats are changing rapidly. Having an up-to-date presentation is vital for job search, transfer applications, grants, and scholarships.