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Information for International Students during COVID-19

Please Note: We are currently working remotely in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and cannot receive documents that are delivered by postal mail at this time. Please contact with student ID number to request a secure Dropbox to upload documents.

[Updated on July 30th]

Below is information about working with our office as an F-1 student during COVID.

Office communication

Please use the email for ALL of your contact with us! That way many of us in the office can try to help.  It is also helpful for us to send you links or information specific to your case if you use email. Please do not telephone or directly email a Coordinator unless we ask you to. Our staff will all take turns monitoring the emails to be sure we get to your questions quickly, even in an urgent situation. If you prefer, we telephone you, please include your contact information.

We are having some “Walk In” (short, 15 minute) appointment times to assist you more quickly. If you know you have a quick question that needs a conversation, please request a Walk In and our staff will send you a link to select a time.

Current MC F-1 Students

If you are currently in F-1 Status and registered in full-time classes for Fall, then your status is OK. If you have not registered for Fall semester, we suggest you register as soon as possible. Information of Fall class registration is below. Review the most up-to-date information here under the Nonimmigrant Studentsnew window accordion at the bottom of the list. Always check there for updates, and we will let you know if we hear of any changes.

Fall Class Registration Information

Montgomery College F-1 students have options to register for Fall semester:

  • If you are currently inside of the US for the Fall semester, you must:
  1. register Full Time (12 or more billing hours), or have written permission from your Coordinator if you must be below full time, and
  2. continue to make normal progress toward your degree - just like always.

You DO have the option to register for as many classes as you need that are officially 'on-line' (called Distance Learning at MC).

The classes you register for that are listed with a physical campus location (G=Germantown, R=Rockville, T=Takoma Park/Silver Spring) are called 'on-site' and will probably start the Fall semester in Structured Remote (meeting at the regularly listed class days and times but online via Blackboard or Zoom). You are welcome to take those classes and see Resilient MC’s page (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) to understand what will happen when we come back onto campus. 

  • If you are, or will be outside of the US during the Fall semester, you have a few choices:
  1. you may register full time for all Distance Learning classes and not plan to return until Spring semester of 2021.
  2. you may register full time for 'on-site' classes (with or without any Distance classes) but, you need to be ready to return to the US if your classes go back onto the College campus.
  3. you may register less than full time and not maintain your F-1 status. If you are out of the US that may not matter during the Fall term, but you may not be able to return for the Spring semester if you are not full time in Fall.


If you must travel or you choose to travel, you must contact us. Please request a travel signature by filling the I-20 Travel Signature Request Form (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.)

You can continue your classes from anywhere in the world right now. Please see the fall class registration information above.

If you are already OUTSIDE the US, please complete F-1 students outside the United States contact formnew window

Please contact us at if you have additional questions or wish to make an appointment with the International Student Coordinator.