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Dr. Carmen Poston-Farmer Travis

Director of Student Affairs and Initiatives

Dr. Carmen Poston-Farmer Travis is the Director of Student Affairs & Initiatives. In addition to many other roles and responsibilities, she led the development and implementation of the Student Health and Wellness Center for Success focusing on students' physical and mental health well-being. Most recently, she has assumed the lead for the development and implementation of the Presidential Scholars Program, established to increase the representation of African American men in high-wage, high-demand careers.
Carmen has over 27 years of experience in educational and vocational administration including K-12, vocational rehabilitation, and higher education. At Montgomery College, she has worked and served in various roles and on Collegewide committees in both Academic and Student Affairs. Prior to Montgomery College, she worked in K-12 in the Office of Business and Finance for many years in various capacities for the Canton Public School District, M.S., and later worked as a certified substitute teacher for the Springfield Public School District, IL. She has also worked as the program planning specialist in the Office of Program and Policy Administration for the West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services serving to help individuals with disabilities live independently and obtain gainful employment.
She has published and presented domestically and internationally reaching global audiences, including a recent presentation on The Status of Women: Care and Security Considering a Crisis and beyond. She is a member and the former executive director/member-at-large of the American Association for Women in Community Colleges where she was instrumental in transforming and revitalizing the association. She is currently co-president on the secretariat and co-circle lead for the Society for Gender Professionals (SGP) and on the board of directors for Montgomery County Food Council.  She is a member of the Society for Women in Sociology and was chosen to serve as one of their delegates for the 64th, 65th, and 66th sessions of the Commission on the Status of Women, United Nations. She is also a member of the NASPA and other organizations.
She has an Ed.D., doctorate of education degree, in Educational Leadership and Management, with a concentration in Global and International Education, a dual Master's degree in Public Policy and Administration, and Bachelor’s in Business Administration. She is also an advanced Mind-Body Medicine Trainer.