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The Peace and Justice Studies Community at Montgomery College

E-mail is in the form:, unless another address is given.

List of Peace and Justice Studies Community at MC
Name Title Location Phone or Email
Genevieve Carminati Professor of English and Women's Studies RV, MT 212E 240-567-7446
Stefanie Cox Adjunct Professor of Reading/AELP GT, HT 159 240-467-4788
John Daniel  Student RV
Enas Elhanafi Office of Advancement and Community Engagement CT 240-567-1759
Howard Feinstein Professor of History & Political Science RV, HU 008 240-743-9889
Denise Folwell Professor of English RV, MT 225 240-567-7912
Trienne Glover  Professor of English  TPSS, RC 110 240-567-1372
Layla M. Hashemi  Professor of History/Political Science RV, HU 016 240-567-5242
Tulin Levitas Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies RV, MT 431A 240-567-7430
Sally McClean  Adjunct Professor of English GT 240-567-2012
Monika Megyesi  Mediator/Facilitator (Consultant)  RV
Mark Miller  Librarian TPSS, RC 213A 240-567-1538
Nancy Nyland Librarian GT, HS 212D 240-567-7854
Pat Ruppert  Adjunct Professor of Philosophy  RV, HU 016 240-567-5242
Esther Schwartz-McKinzie  Paul Peck Humanities Institute RV, MT 212 240-567-5170
Effie Siegel  Professor of English  RV, MT 224 240-567-5440
Alonzo Smith Adjunct Professor of History RV, HU 016 240-567-5242
Hilda Smith  Student Development  RV, CB 224 240-567-5116
Bill Soderberg  Adjunct Professor of Philosophy RV, HU 016  240-567-5242
Amanda Truett Professor of Biological Sciences  TPSS, MP 248 240-567-1441
Laura White  Center for Professional & Organizational Development  RV, MK 325D 240-567-4297
Rachael Wilson Professor of English RV, MT 418 240-567-4008
Tymofey Wowk Professor of English TPSS 240-567-3944