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America's Promise Cyber Boot Camp

Applications are now being accepted for the Winter / Spring Boot Camp. The At a Glance schedule of Boot Camps and the application form for the program are found below. 

What is the Program?

 Cyber Boot Camp is designed for students that want to begin a career in cybersecurity and other related fields. By the end of the boot camp, the student should be ready to prepare for the CompTIA Security + exam through the use of lectures, hands-on instruction and homework. This course is designed to be useful for both students with technical backgrounds and students who have no prior knowledge of security or cybersecurity. This intensive 1-week course is comprised of Security Fundamentals, Cybersecurity I & II, and Security+, and  covers the following modules:

  • Security + exams six testing domains
  • Security mechanisms
  • Testing and mapping
  • SQL injection attacks
  • Browser security threats

 Security Fundamentals: You will  learn about the most common security threats,gain basic understanding of best security practices and how to prevent basic computer security problems and risks. 

Cybersecurity I: You will learn to identify web applications with vulnerabilities and how to exploit them. Use the tools used by hackers, penetration testers and security researchers, explore sql injections, cross-site scripting, cross site request forgery. And  explore how to modify web requests, cookies and remote databases

Cybersecurity II: You will learn to use automated security scanners to assess web applications,  automated security scanners to batch exploit vulnerabilities, and explore more complex techniques for exploiting web vulnerabilities. 

Security +: In this course, you will learn the key concepts and skills required to earn their Security + certification. The course will cover the exam’s six testing domains: Technologies and Tools, Architecture and Design, Identity and Access Management, Risk Management, Cryptography, and Threats, Attacks and Vulnerabilities. Students will be given multiple approaches to learning the information.

Students that suitably complete the entire boot camp will receive a voucher for them to take the Security + exam.

 What is the criteria for admission? The course is funded by the Department of Labor. Our ideal candidate is an Information Systems or Computer Science major who is either at least a rising junior or graduated within the last six years. Applicants also must be unemployed or underemployed to qualify for the grant. In the state of Maryland, a person who makes $42,000 or less is underemployed. Must be able to work in the United States.

Students must apply to be considered for acceptance to this program. 


At a Glance Schedule Winter and Spring 2019:
  1. Cyber Boot Camp Session 1, Dates:  January 7 - January 11, 2019, Times: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Location: GBTC
  2. Cyber Boot Camp Session 2, Dates: March 11 - March 15, 2019, Times: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Location: GBTC
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