America's Promise Grant Program

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America’s Promise Job-Driven Grant Program is a tuition-free jobs training program designed to strengthen the pipeline of skilled workers to expand our region’s middle-to high-skilled workforce in in the Information Technology and Cybersecurity industries. To help achieve this goal, the grant provides individuals the opportunity to attain high-quality, tuition free education that leads to in-demand industry-recognized credentials.

What is the criteria for admission to this program?

Our ideal candidate is an Information Systems of Computer Science major who is either at least a rising junior who will graduate within two years, or has graduated within the last six years.

The Boot Camps will feature real-world projects provided by local employers. To be eligible for this program, you must be either an unemployed worker, and underemployed worker (making less than $42,000/year) or have an employer attest to the fact that this training will increase your value to the organization. In addition to technical training, participants will also receive one-on-one career navigator guidance to assist them with their employment goals. Boot camps are scheduled during daytime hours and typically run Monday to Friday from 9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.

Please note that veterans of the United states military receive priority of service if they provide the required documentation (DD-214) and meet the eligibility standards of the program.

Cyber Boot Camp

This Boot Camp is designed for students who want to be Cyber experts. Apply now for the program! Schedule now available.

Java Web Developer Boot Camp

This 8 week Boot Camp is designed for students who wish to learn the skills to be a Java Web Developer. Apply now for the program!  Schedule now available. 

Data Analytics Boot Camp

This 1 week Boot camp takes you from novice to data expert. Apply now for the program! Schedule now available. 


Java Mini Boot Camp

Learn how to develop complete web applications in the Java language with Oracle as the database. Next Boot Camp in the spring.

Mobile Boot Camp

Get a start in mobile development by writing an app for a mobile phone, either iPhone or Android. Next Boot Camp in the summer. 

Career Outlook

Career Coach is a valuable online search tool that will give you the opportunity to explore hundreds of potential careers or job possibilities.  The job listings and information provided are specific to Montgomery County and the surrounding localities. 

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