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WDCE Career Path Scholarship FAQs

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These scholarships are intended to benefit those who are seeking skill enhancements or additional skills directed at obtaining employment in an entry-level position in the current job market. The specific type of position must be designated on the application. See listing of eligible scholarship courses (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) .

You are eligible to apply if you are a resident of Montgomery County and qualify for in-state tuition according to College residency guidelines, meet the income limitation for financial eligibilitynew window as specified in the instructions, and submit all completed forms in one envelope by the scholarship deadline. Please read the individual scholarship instructions carefully.
*Note: Some visas qualify for in-state tuition, contact Customer Service at 240-567-5188 for more information about who may qualify for in-state tuition. A copy of visa documentation may be required.

Visit the listing of eligible Career Path Scholarship Course (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) areas. These courses are available for potential applicants in understanding the many skill building and certifications being offered through Montgomery College, Workforce Development and Continuing Education. Only certain courses in these categories are eligible for scholarship funding. See the complete listing of eligible courses. (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.)

The applicant must determine the correct career/certification/course area for their individual interest, and be able to explain their career goal and course(s) on the scholarship application. ONLY courses on the eligible courses list qualify for scholarship funding. Students should designate their chosen career path on the application.

All applicants will be required to list the specific course(s) in support of the career path they designated and explain in completing the application. See Schedule of Classesnew window for a listing of course dates/times/costs. Please note that not all eligible courses are offered every term.

 You should direct your response to the specific benefits the course(s) will offer you in relation to current industry standards for skill requirements for the career path goal you have chosen. Include any experience or skills which support your being successful in the courses chosen.
You are NOT guaranteed an award. All eligible applications will be reviewed by the scholarship committee to determine awards. 
Yes, you can re-apply with a new and complete application. Please read the eligibility requirements and instructions very carefully when re-submitting to ensure that your application is complete.
No, once you have been awarded a Career Path Scholarship, you can not receive another. These are one-time awards to assist in gaining employment skills.

The award covers tuition and fees only for the course(s) applied for up to a maximum of $1,000 for WDCE Career Path Scholarships. Required materials/books not included in the tuition and fees are the responsibility of the student.

You may list more than one course on your application, however the total for all of the courses  allowed may not exceed $1,000.  For example if you select three approved courses for example $270 + $225 + $350 =$845, the amount awarded would be $845. If you selected one more course for $200, that would put the total over the limit and the last course would not be approved. You would not be eligible for partial funding for that last course.

The courses you list on your application should be supported by your explanation submitted with the application package. 

Courses which do not directly support the intent of the scholarship will not be approved for funding. All courses must be career path skill development oriented to be considered for scholarship funding. Any course submitted which does not meet this criteria will not be approved for funding.

No, ESL courses are not eligible for this scholarship funding.

The award will cover only the amount of tuition and fees charged for the approved courses on your application for an amount up to a maximum of $1000. If the total tuition and fee charges for the courses you submit on the application is less than $1000, you will not receive the difference.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to understand the prerequisites, testing, or necessary clinical or other coursework required to enter or successfully complete a course program. Costs not covered by this scholarship are the responsibility of the student to register and pay for from other funding sources available to them.

If you are applying for funding for one course, with tuition and fees totaling over $1,000, the course will be considered for funding up to $1,000, and you would be responsible for the remainder. For example if you select one approved  course costing $1,198 which exceeds the maximum award possible, you would be eligible for an award of $1,000. The remaining $198 would be the student responsibility.  

The funds will be applied to your student account once you register for the courses approved on your application. No check(s) or other type of payment will be given directly to the award recipient.

You can ask an employer, educator, or community leader who has knowledge of your abilities.

Income is verified by a copy of your most recent filed federal tax return (within the last 18 months) or social service letter.
Tax return pages pertaining to identification and income and adjusted gross income required. For example Form 1040 pages one and two.
If you have any questions about this please contact us.

In specific cases, copies of additional official documentation verifying a change of current tax year income status from prior tax year may be warranted. This includes official agency documentation of unemployment income or layoff from a position.

If claimed as a dependent on someone else's  tax return, a copy of this return must be submitted with the application.

Personal written statements of financial status or change are NOT acceptable.

Scholarships for each term will be accepted as soon as the application and information for the upcoming term is made available online. Dates are posted on the web pages for each scholarship. 

DO NOT USE A PRIOR TERM APPLICATION WHEN APPLYING FOR AN UPCOMING TERM. For example, do not use a Fall term application when applying for a Spring term. Application forms for prior terms will be denied funding as there are updates on information made each term which the applicant is required to read to understand the application process. This is to encourage applicants to understand the most recent requirements of the process and avoid missing important information when applying.

Updated Application forms are usually available a few weeks prior to the Fall or Spring term opening date. Please note that completed applications are ONLY accepted during the designated application period. Early or late applications are not accepted.

Application forms are usually available a few weeks prior to the designated application period which allows you to start to fill out the application, assemble documentation, and arrange for someone to write a reference for you. Please note that the application period for the scholarship is posted online and usually coincides with the opening of the Fall or Spring term. Applications will only be accepted during the posted dates of the application period. Early or late applications will not be accepted. 

Be aware that many, but not all, classes are offered in both Fall and Spring sessions. Therefore, if you apply prior to the official course schedule being posted online, you are not guaranteed that the course will be available. Your application will be denied in the event that the course you selected is not offered in the term designated on the application. 

All applications must be received, in one sealed envelope, by the posted  due date on the application form.

Applications can be submitted, in a sealed envelope, via U.S. mail and sent to:

  • Montgomery College, Workforce Development and Continuing Education
  • Attn: Career Path Scholarship
  • 51 Mannakee Street CC220, Rockville, Md 20850

Completed applications and supporting documents must be in one envelope. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered for funding.

Notice: Due to COVID Registration Instructions have changed.

  • You must submit the award letter with your signature to Montgomery College, WDCE via one of the methods listed below.
  • If you are not currently registered for the classes listed on your award letter, submit a completed WDCE Registration form. (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) A registration form is included with your award letter, if needed.
  • If your award does not cover the full course of your approved class, you must also include payment information (credit card or check) for the remaining balance due.
  • You will not be registered without proof of payment for the entire cost of the course(s).
  • If you registered and paid before award notification,  you must send the signed award letter to Montgomery College WDCE Customer Service in order to process a refund. Allow at least six weeks for the refund to be processed.

Submit signed award letter and the WDCE Registration form, if necessary with payment via one of these methods:

  • Mail to: Montgomery College, 51 Mannakee Street, CC220, Rockville Md. 20850
  • Fax to: 240-683-6945
  • Email scanned documents to Workforce Development and Continuing Education at

If the student drops the course, the scholarship funding will be removed from the student account. The student is not entitled to a refund for scholarship funding. The student will sign the award letter in agreement of these terms. 

If the class is cancelled by WDCE or the class is full, the student will have an opportunity to register for the same class in a different CRN# (fall or spring), unless otherwise indicated in award letter, or the funding is no longer available at the time you try to register. Use of funds expires on June 30 at the end of the academic school fiscal year in which the funds were awarded. Students unable to register for a course in the same fiscal year for a spring or summer 1 term course will lose their scholarship funds. Any course changes for use of this award funding must fall within the same fiscal year and be reviewed and approved.

It is understood that this may require students to register (using other funding, if available) in a class prior to the award deadline to be assured of a space in class, as some classes fill up quickly. There is no guarantee of space being available in a class, or of a course being scheduled to accommodate an individual student's needs.

The funds are available until June 30th for tuition and fee charges for the course(s) approved through the application process.

Award notification or denial will be communicated in a letter signed by a Dean and sent via U.S. mail within four weeks of the deadline for applications submission.

No, award decisions are final. 

It is the student’s responsibility to determine if registration prior to award notification is possible. If students have registered and paid prior to award notification, they may apply scholarship funding to their Montgomery College account. No student can register without proof of payment per Montgomery College, WDCE policy. Once the award is applied to the student account a refund will be generated if a student registered and paid by other funding. Refunds due to prepayment prior to award posting will not be processed until after the start date of the course. Allow six weeks for the refund to be processed.

No, applicants are required to support their course(s) selection as criteria for approval. No changes will be considered. However, if the original class (crn#) is cancelled or full, students may select the same course in a different term with a starting date prior to June 30th, unless otherwise indicated in award letter, or the funding is no longer available at the time you try to register.

Funding will be determined by course list submitted and 100% of corresponding tuition and fee charges. Any other funding and/or waivers available to a student awarded this scholarship may be applied at the time of registration, but will not alter the courses approved for funding. Application of other funding and/or waivers at the time of registration is at the discretion of the student. For example, if a student is awarded $500.00 for Class A and Class B and registers using a waiver or other funding, the student will only be able to apply the scholarship funds to pay the balance due on Class A and Class B. The balance of any scholarship funding not used to pay for the courses approved will be forfeited.

Special instructions for Disability Waiver. The disability waiver policy has changed, you may no longer qualify. To learn more visit: Registration Information. Assuming you qualify for both the disability waiver and scholarship, you may not combine both sources of funding for your class. You must select either the disability waiver or the WDCE scholarship funds, but NOT both for any approved classes funded. The student is responsible for the balance of payment for any amount not covered by the scholarship at the time of registration.