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YOU 737 - Java Programming Introduction

Registration Option: Youth

Age or Grade Level: Grades 9-12, two weeks. 6/22 - 7/2

Total Course Hours: 27

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Java Programming Introduction

Learn Java programming in Montgomery College’s hands-on computer labs. Learn Object Oriented Programming (OOP) essentials and use Java’s Software Development Kit (JDK) to compile and run programs. Topics include data types, operators, loops, classes, objects, methods, arrays, and class inheritance. Use AWT and Java Swing packages to develop Graphical User Interface (GUI) web applications, including event listeners, text boxes, radio buttons, check boxes, menus, and images. Instructor- led in-class exercises and textbook exercises will be emphasized for hands-on teaching of programming skills.

Prerequisites: Grades 9–12 AP students; Algebra skills. Basic knowledge of computers (starting programs, saving files). For those with interests in science and computer science.

Instructor: Stephen Sell