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YOU 730 - Python A Practical Introduction to Programming

Registration Option: Youth

Age or Grade Level: Grades 9-12, Two Weeks 6/22 - 7/2 (no class Friday July 3)

Total Course Hours: 30

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Learn to program with Python. Python is an open-source,contemporary programming language that is widely used not only in colleges and high schools to teach introductory programming, but also in development of software and cyber-security programs, among other things. Learn to solve problems and apply standard programming concepts such as variables, math operators, data types, decisions, loops, functions, objects, Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), and modules. Develop, games, random functions, graphic animations and other programs in this hands-on class. Instruction by Stephen Sell 
Prerequisites: Grades 9–12 AP students; algebra skills, basic knowledge of computers (starting programs, saving files).