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YTH 071 - Marine Biology / Life in the Ocean

Registration Option: Youth

Age or Grade Level: Grades 6-8 week of 7/13 OR Grades 9-12 week of 7/20

Total Course Hours: 30

If you do not see a class listed in our catalog, it is not available for registration at this time.


Marine biology is the study of marine life. Participants will examine marine organisms from each of the major oceanic zones. Both live and preserved specimens will be available for observations, and experimentation as well as the dissection of preserved specimens.  You will also develop a greater appreciation and understanding of marine systems, specifically the role these representative organisms play in the ecosystem. Particular attention will be paid to the anatomy, reproduction, and ecology of representative organisms. Many of the labs will be messy. Not for the squeamish! Instructor: Ijeoma Otigbuo