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First-Year Experience Program
       Tips for the First Week of School

Wisdom from Montgomery College Faculty and Staff


Print out a current copy of your schedule from either MyMC http://s48.montgomerycollege.edu/cp/home/loginf or from the Student Information Kiosk (the touch-screen system) in all buildings - this current copy will show you any room changes or professor changes that may have occurred recently.

The "R" on your schedule stands for Thursday under "Class Days" T,R is both Tuesday & Thursday.

If you plan to drop a class, the last date for a refund is within the first full week of classes only - for example, if you drop a class that meets on T,R, you have until Monday (6 days after the class first meets) to drop with a refund.  You can drop classes on-line through MyMC - no counselor or professor signature necessary.

If you suspect that your placement in a class is wrong for any reason, go to the Counseling Center (Room 175, Science Building) early and explore making a change.  After the first week, change is nearly impossible.

If you suspect that your assessment test placement and/or enrollment in a class is wrong for any reason, go to the Counseling and Advising Department (maybe hyperlink to:  http://www.montgomerycollege.edu/Departments/studev/counselingandadvising.html) on your campus early and explore possibilities of retaking the assessment test and/or enrolling in a more appropriate course.  Keep in mind, after the first week of classes changing your schedule and classes is nearly impossible.  

Getting into a closed class or one that has already started:  some students feel that if they talk fast and long enough, they'll be able to convince a professor to let them into a class that either is filled or that has already started.  If you approach a professor and “beg” to be allowed to enroll, be prepared to accept a quick "No" for an answer.  Professors don't have any obligation to overload their classes or to let latecomers in.  Be gracious and understanding if the answer is no and head back to the Counseling Center for alternate options.

Parking permits are required and Security WILL issue real tickets starting during the second week of classes get them in the Security Office, upstairs in the Science Building.  You need to know your MD license plate number to register a car.

Student ID's is needed for checking out books from the Library and using any of the Learning Labs. Find out how to get your Student ID


In The Class 


Get to class on time!  Professors all have to fight traffic and find spaces to park, too.  When you have a class that starts at 8 am, don't park your car at 8 am sharp and expect that you can be in class on time.  Allow for traffic, bus irregularities, and parking confusion -- use the extra time if you arrive too early to study!

The College attendance policy for all courses, even if not stated on a syllabus, is as follows:

Students are expected to attend all class sessions. In cases of excessive absences from class, the instructor may drop the student from the class. "Excessive absences" is defined as one more absence than the number of classes per week during a semester.  Professors can, and do, drop students who have excessive absences.

Be ready - open your notebook, have your pen/pencil ready, and be prepared to take notes from the moment the class begins.

If it's tempting to talk to someone you know during class, find a different seat.  Professors lecturing find it extremely annoying to talk over private conversations.

Keep up!  If you don't understand something in class, ask a question.  Don't be offended if an instructor asks you to discuss it after class or during office hours.  The clock is always ticking and sometimes there isn't time to answer all questions during class.  This does not mean the question shouldn't be asked.  This does not mean the question isn't important.

Check out Learning Centers early in the semester - right now - not the week of a major test.  All Writing Centers, Math Centers, Computer Labs, and Science Learning Centers are staffed with people ready to assist you with your assignments and linked from this website: http://www.montgomerycollege.edu/exploremc/learningcenters.html

Some students do their math homework in the Math Center rather than at home - where help is right at hand.

Don't just nod in agreement.  If you don't understand an explanation, it's OK to say that.  Keep in mind that it's also OK - desirable even - to go home or to the library and go over something once, twice, three times of more until it clicks.  This is called learning!  It's sometimes hard, but always worthwhile.

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