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First-Year Experience Program
Meet the Germantown FYE Coordinator

Name:  Tyra Goodgain



Bronx, New York


B.A., Communication Studies - Broadcasting and Mass Communication; State University of New York at Oswego

M.S., Student Personnel Administration; Buffalo State College



One critical piece of information I'd give a First-Year student:

College is not just about learning in the classroom.  Youíll learn a lot from others and your experiences in the classroom as well as outside the classroom.  One critical piece of information Iíd give you is pay attention to the life lessons along the way. If you donít realize the value in these lessons right away, you will one day.

My favorite place at Montgomery College:

My favorite place at Montgomery College is my campus; the Germantown campus. Itís the smallest campus at MC and itís actually the smallest campus Iíve ever worked at during my career in higher education.  I like it because of the intimacy and it feels like youíre part of one big family.  It creates opportunities to really get to know people.  As a new student, I hope you take advantage of the many opportunities a small campus offers and really get to know your peers and professors.

The MC student service I think every student should know about:

Counseling and Advising of course!   Need I say more?

What I like to do when I'm not at work:

When Iím not at work I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and toy poodle "Penny". I love to travel, attend cultural events and try all kinds of ethnic food.  I also love to exercise and take long walks.



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