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First-Year Experience Program
Learn the Basics about Student Life at Montgomery College

Are you looking for opportunities to:
  • Develop friendship while serving the community?
  • Foster your leadership skills?
  • Express your creativity?
  • Enhance your co-curricular experience?
  • Have fun while learning?



Look no further! The Office of Student Life is waiting for you.

  The Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life programs and services aim to generate greater involvement in co-curricular (out of the classroom) activities that include clubs, organizations and others events that promote student development.

Co-curricular (out of the classroom) Activities

Active involvement both in and out of the classroom contributes to your learning experience. Involvement in co-curricular experiences can help you develop valuable leadership and organizational skills and contribute to your marketability in the workplace. This is why you should you get involved in co-curricular activities.

Mission Statement

The Office of Student Life welcomes all students to a department full of opportunities, involvement, and enthusiasm.

Our commitment is to foster the development of students as active citizens, scholars, and leaders. We are dedicated to offering programming that merges cultural, social, educational, recreational, and spiritual experiences within Montgomery College's academic curriculum. We seek to enhance the co-curricular (outside of the classroom) experience by embracing values such as leadership development, human dignity, student involvement, diversity, community service, multiculturalism, life skills, and social justice.

Learning is an on-going process. We aspire to provide a balance between classroom theory and practical application to provide a comprehensive approach to student development along with honing administrative skills.

For more information please visit this website for links to Student Life on each of the three campuses.




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