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First-Year Experience Program
Sample Syllabus DS 102

DS 102 - Study Habits Development

Course Description:

Stresses development of positive attitudes and improvement of basic learning habits. Includes value assessment and educational goal setting. Stresses strategies in understanding and responding to textbooks, lectures, and other methods and materials encountered in the academic environment. Emphasis on organization of materials, utilization of time, and preparing for and taking examinations. Two hours each week for eight weeks or four hours each week for four weeks. 1 semester hour.

Designed for: Students wishing to earn better grades by preparing for class in more efficient ways.

Course Text:

Essential Study Strategies, Pauk, W. (2000). “Performance, not Promise, is the key to success in college. College is no place for the procrastinator, the big talker, the good-off, or the uncommitted. Positive action is essential and this book is a great place to start.” Do you have the academic skills to succeed in college but have trouble using them in effective ways? Do you want to learn to study more efficiently and learn more? Do you want to remember more of what you learn? Do you want better grades?

  • To provide a systematic framework for organizing strategies that lead to success
  • To offer a wide range of skill-building opportunities
  • To demonstrate the connection between academic success and success beyond the classroom
  • To develop critical thinking skills


Instructional Methods:  Lectures, small group activities, self-assessment, practice exercises, and class discussion.

Grading and course requirements:  

  • All work must be completed on time.
  • Attendance is required
  • Participation is encouraged
Class Grading: Grading will include the following items:
  • Attendance and participation
  • Quizzes
  • Final exam
  • Homework assignments
Statement with Disabilities:

If you have a disability that will require accommodation, please make your request known. I am reasonably sure we can work out whatever arrangements are necessary, be it special seating, testing, or other accommodations. If you have not already contacted the Disability Support Services office (122CB), please do so to obtain a letter authorizing your accommodations.

Policies and Procedures:

Audit: Students auditing this class are required to complete all assignments, attend class regularly, and take all exams. While no grade will be recorded, the student is expected to participate in class activities as if he/she was being graded.

Attendance and Participation: You are expected to attend all class sessions. It is your responsibility to confer with your instructor in the event of a necessary absence. Going to each and every class prepared to learn is one of the keystones of success in a college class.

Emergency Class Cancellation Policy: If inclement weather or other emergencies forces the College or any campus or College facility to suspend classes or close, public service announcements will be provided to local radio and television stations as early as possible. If you have checked several stations and have not heard an announcement, you may call the numbers listed below or go to our Web site for closing information:

  • Montgomery County Emergency Information Line ...........................301-217-8800
  • Montgomery College’s Institutional Advancement Office .................240-567-5310
  • Montgomery College Web Site .................................www.montgomerycollege.edu





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