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CHAPTER I- Board of Trustees Bylaws
CHAPTER II- Organization
CHAPTER III- Personnel
CHAPTER IV- Student Affairs
CHAPTER V- Educational Program
CHAPTER VI- Fiscal and Administrative Affairs
CHAPTER VII- Facilities
APPENDIX I- Academic Regulations
APPENDIX II- Constitutions, Bylaws, and Descriptions of Campus and College Organizations

CHAPTER I - Board of Trustees Bylaws

Bylaws - 11001
Board Structure
Responsibilities and Obligations of the Board, Individual Trustees and the President
Suspension of the Bylaws; Amendment to the Bylaws

Board of Trustees -- Political Activity - 11002

CHAPTER II - Organization

College Name - 21001

Corporate Seal of the College - 21002/21002CP

Organizational Chart - 24001CP

Organization Functions - 24002CP

President - 24101

Role of Department Chairs - 24102CP

Guidelines for Open Meetings - 26001CP

CHAPTER III - Personnel

Hate/Violence Activity - 31002/31002CP

Conflict of Interest - 31003/31003CP

Political Activity - 31004/31004CP

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention - 31005

Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-Discrimination - 31006/31006CP

Affirmative Action - 31007

Sexual Harassment - 31008

Employee Indebtedness - 31009/31009CP

Sexual Assault - 31010

Employee Privileges - 31101/31101CP

Employee Responsibilities - 31102/31102CP

Confidentiality: Employee Use, Release and Disclosure of Information - 31103/31103CP

Political Activity -- President; Designated College Officials - 31104

Medical Examinations - 31105CP

Consensual Relationships - 31106/31106CP

Employment Practices - 32101/32101CP

Allocation, Recruitment and Appointment of Full-Time Faculty - 32102/32102CP

Allocation, Recruitment, Appointment, and Salary Placement and Advancement of Part-Time Faculty - 32103/32103CP

Recruitment and Appointment Procedures for Administrative Staff - 32104CP

Recruitment and Appointment Procedures for Support and Associate Staff - 32105CP

Employment of Individuals with Disabilities - 32106/32106/CP

Minority Faculty Internship Program - 32201/32201CP

Temporary Adjunct Faculty Positions - 32202

Academic Rank - 32203/32203CP

Distinguished Visiting Professor - 32204/32204CP

Minimum Educational Requirements for Faculty - 32205/32205CP

Faculty Workload - 32206CP

Temporary Staff Employees - 32301CP

Trainee Status for Support and Associate Staff Appointments - 32302CP

Administrative Staff Internships - 32303CP

Working Hours for Staff Employees - 32305CP

Wearing of Uniforms - 32306CP

Consultation with Staff Senate - 32401CP

College Telework Policy/Procedure for Administrative, Associate, and Support Staff - 32500/32500CP

Staff Classification Systems and Job Information Questionnaire - 33001/33001CP

Staff Position Content Control and Management - 33002/33002CP

Establishment of Positions - 33003/33003CP

Probationary and Regular Status For Support and Associate Staff Employees - 33004/33004CP

Changes in Employee Status - 34001/34001CP

Disciplinary Action and Suspension - 34002/34002CP

Discharge of Administrative, Associate and Support Staff- 34003/34003CP

Nonrenewal of Administrative Appointment - 34004/34004CP

Resignation and Retirement - 34005/34005CP

Personnel Grievance Process for Associate and Support Staff Employees - 34101/34101CP

Compensation Plans - 35001/35001CP

Faculty/Staff Assistance Program - 35002/35002CP

Leave Program - 35003/35003CP

Wellness Activities Program - 35004/35004CP

Performance Evaluation and Employee Development - 36001/36001CP

Personnel Files - 37001/37001CP

Recognition Awards - 38001/38001CP

Honorary Degrees - 38002/38002CP

CHAPTER IV - Student Affairs

Admission to Montgomery College - 41001/41001CP

Equal Education Opportunity and Non-Discrimination - 41002

Student Cumulative Records - 41003/41003CP

Student Health and Safety - 41004/41004CP

Presidential Scholars - 41005/41005CP

Board of Trustees Scholar Award - 41006/41006CP

Board of Trustees Apprenticeship Scholar Award - 41007/41007CP

Student Code of Conduct - 42001/42001CP

Student Financial Aid - 43001/43001CP

Board of Trustees Student Tuition Grants and Scholarships - 43002

Tuition Waiver for Non-Employees of the College - 43003/43003CP

Funding of Athletics and Student Life - 44001/44001CP

Student Activities Contracts - 44002CP

Tuition, Fees and Refunds - 45001/45001CP

Tuition and Fees Installment Plan - 45002/45002CP

Determination of Residence for Tuition Purposes - 45003

Student Indebtedness - 45004/45004CP

CHAPTER V - Educational Program

College Mission/Internal Spirit Statements - 51000

Philosophy, Purposes, and Program Commitments - 51001

Master Plan for Educational Programs and Services - 51002/51002CP

College Out-of-County Instruction - 51003/51003CP

College Out-of-County, Noninstructionally Related Activities - 51004/51004CP

Field Trips - 51005CP

Curriculum and Course Proposals - 52001CP

Exploratory Courses - 52002/52002CP

Honors Program - 52003CP

Advisory Committees for Career Curricula Areas - 52004/52004CP

Academic Regulations and Standards - 53001CP

Continuing Education Program - 54001/54001CP

College Calendar - 58001/58001CP

Assessment Testing and Appropriate Course Placement - 58002/58002CP

Academic Freedom - 58003

Commencement Exercises - 58004/58004CP

Closing of the College - 58005CP

CHAPTER VI - Fiscal and Administrative Affairs

Fiscal Control - 61001/61001CP

Revolving Funds - 61002

Bank Services - 61003/61003CP

College Investment Program - 61004

Internal Control and Audit - 61005CP

Fixed Asset Management - 61006

Auxiliary Services - 62001/62001CP

College Relations - 62003/62003CP

Procurement - 63001/63001CP

Consultant Services - 63002/63002CP

External Audit - 64001/64001CP

Professional Liability - 64002/64002CP

Worker's Compensation - 64003CP

Reimbursement for Travel and Related Expenditures - 65001/65001CP

Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources - 66001/66001CP

Maintenance of Unreserved Fund Balance - 67001/67001CP

Intellectual Property - 68001/68001CP

Contracts - 68002/68002CP

Gifts Acceptable to Montgomery College - 68003/68003CP

Records Management - 68004/68004CP

Use of Copywrited Material - 68101

CHAPTER VII - Facilities

Space Planning and Utilization - 71001/71001CP

Construction Projects - 72001/72001CP

Art in College Capital Projects - 72002/72002CP

Leasing of Facilities - 73001/73001CP

Naming Campuses, Facilities, Buildings, Rooms and Institutes - 74001/74001CP

Use of Facilities - 75001

Restrictions on Use of Facilities - 75002/75002CP

Restrictions on Tobacco Smoking and Sale of Tobacco Products - 75003/75003CP

Freedom of Expression - 75004/75004CP

Children on College Premises - 75005CP

Vehicle Registration and Parking - 76001/76001CP

College Safety and Security - 77001/77001CP

Easement Procedures - 78001CP

Use of College-Owned Vehicles - 79001/79001CP

APPENDIX I - Academic Regulations
          Admission Procedures for Students 9.10
                 Admission of Students with Advanced Study 9.12
                 Readmissions 9.15
          Acceptance and Evaluation of Advanced Credits 9.20
                 Credits Granted for Work Done While in the Armed Services 9.29
          Graduation 9.30
                 Program (Graduation) Requirements for the A. A. Degree 9.32
                 General Regulations Concerning Graduation 9.34
                 Review of Academic Standing 9.35
                 Honors 9.36
          Grading System and Standards 9.40
                 Grading Scale 9.41
                 Final Grades 9.42
                 Mid-Semester Grades 9.43
                 Disputed Grades 9.44
                 Unavailability of Instructor of Record 9.45
                 Quality Point Averages 9.46
                 Prerequisite in the Allied Health Programs 9.47
                 Honors - Dean's List 9.48
          Academic Status 9.50
          Registration 9.60
                 Registration and Change of Schedule 9.61
                 Repeated Courses 9.62
                 Academic Load 9.63
                 Withdrawal from Classes 9.64
                 Prerequisites 9.65
          Academic Programs 9.70
                 Course Substitutions 9.72
          Classes & Instruction 9.80
                 Class Attendance 9.82
                 Absence of Instructor 9.83
                 Academic Dishonesty and Misconduct 9.85
          Petition and Appeal 9.90
                 Exemption to the General Education Requirements 9.91
APPENDIX II - Constitutions, Bylaws and
    Descriptions of Campus and College Organizations
          Associate and Support Staff Association 1.50
          Constitution of Montgomery College Academic Assembly 2.66
          Faculty Council, Rockville Campus 2.73
          Student Association, Rockville Campus 2.77
          Faculty Council, Germantown Campus 2.82
          Staff Council, Germantown Campus 2.84
          Student Government Association, Germantown Campus 2.86
          Faculty Council, Takoma Park Campus 2.90
          Staff Council, Takoma Park Campus 2.91
          Student Body, Takoma Park Campus 2.95

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