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Important Links  

Welcome to the Montgomery College Response Center.

Our mission is to promote the benefits and positive image of Montgomery College by providing timely and accurate information to students and the community.

The Response Center disseminates general College information including admissions-related and placement procedures, program and course availability, campus life, and referrals for specific programs.

We look forward to working with the Montgomery College community as we provide this valuable service so that you may discover the Endless Possibilities at Montgomery College. These pages are provided for informational purposes only. Please refer to Official Policies and Documents for further information.

If you have any comments or suggestions about Montgomery College's Web site, please fill out our online Web site survey.

Response Center

About MyMC  
Q: What is My MC? I need to access Montgomery College's secure site.

A: MyMC is your student portal for accessing Montgomery College's secure Web site. Students can register for classes, check grades, learn more about events occurring around campus, and even join student organizations. To learn more about My MC, visit What is My MC?

To get your My MC ID, go to My MC Login and click on "Find Your My MC ID".
You will always use this ID when accessing this secure site.

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Q: What is a PIN?

A: Your PIN is a 6-digit number of your choosing. If you are accessing Montgomery College's secure site for the first time, your date of birth (in MMDDYY format) is your PIN.

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Frequently Asked Questions  

How to Navigate Montgomery College's Web site

There are many ways to navigate Montgomery College's Web site. To find information quickly, try the following:

1. Visit A-Z Index for a listing of all major topics.

2. Locate a specific person or office with Directories. Here you will find complete, searchable, alphabetized listings organized by personal names ("White Pages") and by functional descriptions ("Yellow Pages") that contain phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and web page links (if a page exists) for each entry. Departments contains Web page links only, but in many cases includes multiple listings of a unit under various possible titles.

3. The Search box on the top right of this page and other second level pages allows searching for a complete phrase or for a selection of keywords. More search options are available in Advanced Search.

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Where Do I Find...

Frequently Asked Questions  
Address Change
Q: How do I change my address?
A: A Declaration of Permanent Domicile form is required. This form is available online, at any Montgomery College campus Admissions Office, or by calling the Response Center at 240-567-5000. Please be prepared to provide original documents to prove residency.

Q: How do I contact the campus Cashier?
A: Cashier hours are Monday - Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm (closed daily 1-2pm). Hours are extended during the months of January and August. Please contact the Response Center at 240-567-5000 for specific dates and times. Cashiers can accept the following forms of payment: cash, check, money order, VISA and Mastercard.

Germantown 240-567-7836
Rockville 240-567-5342
Takoma Park 240-567-1526

Day and Campus Codes
Q: What are the definitions of day and campus codes in the class schedule?
A: Day codes are defined as:

M Monday
T Tuesday
W Wednesday
R Thursday
F Friday
S Saturday
U Sunday

Campus codes are defined as:

G Germantown
R Rockville
T Takoma Park/Silver Spring
U School of Art & Design
D Distance Learning
N Off Campus - Takoma Park/Silver Spring
O Off Campus - Rockville
P Off Campus - Germantown  
V Gaithersburg - MC Business Training Center

Q: How do I access my grades?

A: Final grades can be accessed through My MC. Grades are typically available 7-10 days following the end of each semester.

Online Courses
Q: Can I earn a degree by taking online courses?

A: No. At this time, it is not possible to earn a degree on-line at Montgomery College. However, we do offer a wide variety of Distance Learning online courses. Please follow the same registration procedures when registering for Distance Learning courses.

Q: Do I need a parking permit?

A: A permit is required to park in any Montgomery College lot. Please visit the Safety and Security Office at any campus to obtain a permit. Students must provide proof of paid registration and your vehicle license plate number.

Q: If I drop my class, will I get a full refund?

A: Refunds are paid at 100% for courses dropped on or before the date printed on the student schedule/bill. Refund deadlines may also be checked by logging onto My MC. There are no partial refunds for classes dropped after that date except in cases of involuntary withdrawal (i.e. military service, illness or death of student or immediate family member, or transfer/change of work hours). Official documentation is required for involuntary withdrawals and refunds will be prorated.

Registration Errors
Q: What is a "registration error"?
A: The following are the most common error messages you may encounter during registration:

PREQ & TEST SCORE ERROR - Our records indicate that you have not met all the required prerequisites or have the appropriate assessment level requirement for the course you have selected. Check the catalog course descriptions for prerequisites and assessment level requirements. You may contact a counselor or faculty advisor for specific registration permission.

CO REQ - This course must be taken in conjunction with another course. The required additional course(s) CRN will be displayed in your error message.

CLOSED SECTION - The class you have selected is full. Select an alternative section. Only the academic department can permit registration into a full class, and generally such permission is rare.

LEVEL RESTRICTION - You have not submitted an admissions application and paid the $25.00 application fee. You must be an admitted student before you can register for credit classes.

STATUS PROHIBITS REGISTRATION - If you have not taken classes at Montgomery College for two years, your account may become inactive and you will be unable to register. Please contact the Response Center at 240-567-5000 for information on reactivating your account.

MAJOR RESTRICTION - You are registering for a course that requires departmental permission. Contact the appropriate department for information on obtaining consent.

TIME/SCHEDULE CONFLICT - The meeting times of the classes you are attempting to register for are overlapping. Check the class schedule for alternative CRNs and adjust your schedule.

Q: How do I contact Security?
A: The Safety and Security Offices at each of Montgomery College's three campuses are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Sciences/Applied Studies
Rm. 287
Rockville 240-567-5111
Counseling & Advising
Rm. 101
Takoma Park


The Commons
Rm. 211

Student ID Cards
Q: How do I get a student ID?
A: Take your schedule/bill and a picture ID to the following locations to obtain your student ID.

Student Life Office
240-567-7840 Sciences/Applied Studies
Rm. 186
Admissions Office
240-567-5034 Student Services
Takoma Park
Student Life Office
301-560-1482 Student Services Center
Rm. 217

Residency Classification
Q: How is my tuition rate determined?
A: Tuition is based on residency classification, which is determined by information on the admission application form. Please refer to Appendix F in the Montgomery College catalog for the official policy on residence for tuition purposes.

Tuition Waiver
Q: Who qualifies for tuition waiver?
A: Maryland State residents will have their tuition waived if they meet one of the following criteria (waiver does not apply to fees):

1. Seniors (60 years of age +): 100% tuition waiver
2. Maryland National Guard members: 50% tuition waiver
3. Permanently disabled: 100% tuition waiver
Must provide documentation of retirement from the workforce as a result of total and permanent disability to the Records and Registration Office every 12 months from the certifying agency--Social Security Administration or federal pension authority.

Senior citizens and Maryland National Guard members must register during "late registration" in order to be eligible for the tuition waiver. Any registrations processed prior to late registration will be assessed the full tuition and fees. Check the Academic Calendar for registration dates.

Veterans Affairs
Q: How do I use my Veterans educational benefits?
A: To receive Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) educational benefits at Montgomery College, students must file a claim with the Veterans Affairs Office at the Rockville Campus each semester. A brochure describing the procedures for filing DVA educational claims, as well as the rules, regulations and academic standards is available from the Veterans Affairs Office.

Contact: Tuyet Nguyen-Jackson
  Hours by appointment
  105B Student Services Building
  Rockville Campus

MC's Three Campuses
Q: Montgomery College has three separate campuses. How does that affect the student?
A: All Montgomery College courses transfer freely from campus to campus. Admission to the College permits you to apply for registration in any MC credit course taught on any campus or at any off-campus location. Prerequisites and similar requirements for courses with the same catalog number are identical at all MC locations.

There are many programs of study which, because of relatively small size or need for highly specialized facilities, are offered only on one campus—Nursing and other health services programs at Takoma Park; Automotive & Building Trades, Dance & Theatre, and Honors Scholars at Rockville; Biotechnology and Landscape Technology at Germantown—just to name a few. But any course which is required as a part of the completion requirements for any program may be taken at any MC campus where that course is offered.

Course Transferability
Do Montgomery College courses transfer to other colleges and universities?
A: The short answer is YES—many, many MC courses do transfer—but not all. The longer answer is that it must be a "College Level" course which is a recognized requirement or elective for the Bachelor's degree program at the receiving institution.  If an equivalent course name is listed in the degree requirements at the receiving institution then you are probably in good shape. Developmental courses, typically in English, Reading or Mathematics and typically with course numbers lower than 100, probably will not transfer—not even as electives. Highly specific courses in two-year technical programs—things like Automotive Electricity, or Introduction to Carpentry—are also not likely to transfer freely as elective courses into a Bachelor's degree program, although they might count as required courses toward an upper division degree in this same technical specialty. See also ' What is an "articulated" program? ' for more details about transfer within the University System of Maryland (USM).

If you are planning to keep open your options for transfer to an institution outside the USM system—and MC students have an excellent record of successfully making this transition to many of the best known institutions in the country—then it is important to obtain the catalog of the receiving institution at an early stage and to discuss your transfer plans with a knowledgeable MC Counselor or Academic Advisor.

Q: What is an "articulated" program?
A: Montgomery College has many programs of study ("majors") which are explicitly "articulated" for transfer to the colleges and universities in the University System of Maryland (USM). ARTSYS (Articulation System) is an online database maintained by the USM. This database shows course by course and program by program exactly what transfers as equivalent to what between any Maryland community college and any campus of the USM.

We also have explicit articulation programs for many individual programs of study with institutions outside the USM including Catholic University's Metropolitan College, George Washington University, Howard University, Johns Hopkins' School of Continuing Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Trinity College. Consult an Academic Advisor to learn whether any such specific arrangements may exist for your transfer program.

General Education
Q: What is the "General Education" Program?
A: General Education requirements are a part of all degree programs. These required courses provide students with a common, well-grounded educational experience to support and complement the courses in their major. The General Education program at Montgomery College conforms with Maryland Higher Education Commission Academic Regulations on General Education and Transfer, which guarantee that students completing Montgomery College's General Education program will receive credit for lower level general education courses at any public institution in the state. For more details, including distinctions between "foundation" courses and "distribution" courses, visit General Education.

Where Do I Find...  
Admissions & Registration
General information (policies and procedures, placement testing, financial aid, etc.) is linked from the Admissions menu page.

Visit Distance Learning and Continuing Education for more information.

Online registration is available through the Montgomery College secure site. A login ID and password are required.

Schedule Information, Calendars, and Operating Hours

Schedules for on-campus credit courses can found in Class Schedules.

Visit Distance Learning for distance learning courses.

For non-credit offerings, visit Workforce Development & Continuing Education.

Important dates can be found on the Academic Calendar.

The Final exam schedule is available separately for easy printing.

For general-interest events (performances, speakers, sports, etc.) visit Calendar. College events may also be featured on the home page under "Hot Topics", and/or News.

Courses & Curricula
(Programs of Study -- "Majors")
Descriptions of individual courses and programs of study are available in the online version of Montgomery College's Catalog.

Other learning opportunities available to Montgomery College students can be found on many department Web pages. Visit Departments, Academics, or "Other Opportunities" on the Current Students page.

Secure Site Log in here for access to student grades and financial records. A login ID and password are required. This secure site is available only to students who have already been admitted to the College.

If you are using a Web browser furnished by your employer and cannot access Montgomery College's secure site, your employer may limit access to sites using "secure socket layer" software which is used on our secure site. If this is the case, you will need to access MC's site from another location.

Other Topics No specific advice related to locating your topic?

- Scan the A-Z Index for your area of interest.

- Most topics related to student life outside of the classroom—bookstores, career centers, counseling and advising, clubs and activities, learning centers, libraries—can be found in Student Services.

- Information about Montgomery College, its history, and its campuses can be found at About MC.

- All of the College's institutes and community partnership programs can be found at About MC.

- Other useful links to regional and local community sites can be found at Our Community.

- Contact us directly either by:
1. E-mail at
2. Telephone the Response Center at 240-567-5000