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Sample Documentation Guidelines from Loyola College in Maryland
April 24, 1995

Guidelines for Documentation for Students
with Learning Disabilities

To ensure that students with learning disabilities receive appropriate and reasonable accommodations in order to complete required coursework, the following information is being requested:

For All Students with Learning Disabilities:

  1. The student must provide written documentation of a specific learning disability from a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist, or learning disabilities specialist. The documentation presented should contain the following:
    1. A list of testing instruments used. The evaluation should incorporate information from a standardized intelligence test (e.g. the WAIS-R) and an educational battery (e.g. Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-educational Battery).
    2. Identification of learning strengths and weaknesses.
    3. DSM IV diagnosis of a specific learning disability, such as developmental reading, writing, language, or mathematics disorders.
    4. Levels of cognitive functioning (Verbal vs. Performance IQ scores).
    5. Statements concerning social and emotional development.
    6. Recommendations for classroom accommodations, specific course waivers/substitutions, and other support services needed.

For Those Students Who Have Been Previously Diagnosed:

    1. Existing documentation will be accepted, preferable no older than three years old.
    2. If existing documentation is older than three years, it will be accepted with a letter from the evaluator who performed the testing that the information contained in the report is still valid and accurately assesses the student's current level of functioning.
    3. The student should submit any written documentation of special education services received during elementary and/or secondary school (e.g. IEP).

Questions concerning these guidelines should be directed to Assistant Director of Advising, HU 176; Telephone (410) 617-5050.

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