Welcome to the Energy Management Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) Page

Q1.   Should I Turn Off the Lights When I Leave My Office or Classroom?

A1.  Yes, if you planning on leaving your office for a period longer than say 15 minutes you should always turn off your overhead lights and task lights.  You would be helping save energy and the environment if you would also turn off any lights in unoccupied classrooms or offices during your travels around the campus.  You should always turn off lights and other equipment at the end of the day.

Q2.  What is the College doing about global warming?

A2.  Since the early 1970s the College has been a leader in developing a proactive Life Cycle Cost Effective Energy and Resource Conservation Program whose goal is to minimize energy consumption and environmental impact while providing a safe, clean and comfortable environment that promotes student success.  We invite you to review the content of our web page and become a partner with the College by also minimizing your environmental footprint.  Please visit our Energy Tips page.

Q3.  My office or classroom is uncomfortable, is this because you are trying to save energy?

A3. No. The College does not save energy at the expense of occupant comfort.  The College, during normal occupied hours attempts to maintain a well lit, comfortable building environment in order to promote student learning and success.  If your rooms are too hot or too cold or not well lit please bring it to the attention of a faculty or staff member so that they can report it to the appropriate Campus Facilities Office. 

Q4.  Does the College use Green Roof technology?

A4. Yes. The College historically designs buildings with sustainable high performance envelopes(windows, walls, and roofs). Both new and replacement roofs include high performance insulation and high albedo(reflective surfaces) which reduce the heating and cooling load on the building and therefore reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emmissions. The design of our newest buildings, the Rockville Campus Science Building and the Germantown Campus Bioscience Center will also include the latest green vegatative roof systems, that slow or reduce water run-off.

Please feel free to submit questions to MCEnergy.  Those of public interest may be included in the FAQs.

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