The current tuition rates include the following fees: 

  • Consolidated Fee (20% of total tuition; minimum $50) is assessed to partially offset the costs associated with registration, records, use of various in-class instructional and laboratory supplies, and instruction-related items (such as library, learning resources, and counseling and advising materials and services), student activities and athletics, intramurals, and use of some instructional equipment and expendable supply items. This fee is nonrefundable after the 100% refund date for the class.
  • Major Facilities Reserve Fund Fee ($5 per billing hour; no maximum) is assessed to fund capital facilities. No maximum hours. Fees are nonrefundable after the 100% refund date for the course.
  • Technology Fee ($5 per billing hour) is assessed to partially offset the costs of technology associated with instructional programs. Nonrefundable fee. 
  • Transportation Fee ($7 per billing hour) is assessed to establish an enterprise fund designated for transportation operations. Nonrefundable fee.

Other Additional Fees 

The following additional fees may also apply to you, depending on the classes you take, expenses you incur, and other variables.

  • Application Fee: $25 non-refundable
  • Applied Music Fee: $150 per billing hour (refundable if the class is canceled by the College)
  • Change of Schedule Fee: $10
  • Credit-by-Examination Fee: 40% of in-county tuition rate
  • Invalid Check Fee (each occurrence): $35 non-refundable
  • Installment Plan Enrollment Fee (per plan): $35 non-refundable 
  • Installment Plan Late Payment Fee (per occurrence): $35 non-refundable
  • Late Registration Fee: $50
  • Library Fines and Fees: as incurred
  • Replacement Diploma Fee: $25
  • Transcript - for each transcript issued: $7
  • Verification of Student Enrollment Fee: $5


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