Keywords from the Book:


To search the MC Library Catalog and databases to find more information pertaining to the topics of the book, you will be using keyword searching.  Below are possible keywords to use in your search:



There are many different keywords you can use in your search other than the examples given above.  Use a thesaurus to locate different words or as you read the book or articles about Nickel and Dimed, use terms mentioned in your readings.


RELATED TOPICS are health care, child care, welfare, transportation, community activism, social justice


You can link key words together to focus your search.  MC Library Catalog allows to keyword search strategies.  For more information, look at

MC Library Catalog handout from the Course Related page.


To find articles in the databases, you will be using Boolean searching.  You will be linking keywords with AND and OR.


Use AND to limit your search.  {EXAMPLE:  working poor AND health care}  This search will retrieve only documents that contain both

the keywords working poor and health care.


Use OR to broaden your search.  {EXAMPLE: unskilled labor OR living wage}  This search will retrieve documents that might contain one of the keywords or both.