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The Raptor Review

Journal of Academic Writing and Research

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About Us

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The Raptor Review is an online, campus-based journal of academic writing and research that features student papers from all disciplines across Montgomery College. The journal features original, research-based essays from current Montgomery College students.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to provide students with an opportunity to publish their academic writing and research in a medium that expands beyond the college. As content creators, students will contribute their knowledge to The Raptor Review, which will also allow the college to recognize their individual achievement. Additionally, it will enhance education and student growth and offer students another opportunity to be recognized for their work beyond the classroom. 

Submission Guidelines

Currently, submissions were accepted for a special edition to publish in March 2022. Below are the requirements students must meet:

  • 1,000-3,000 words
  • Scholarly/academic research or analysis
  • No creative writing
  • Academic integrity statement
  • Original work or work submitted for classes (can be revised)
  • APA, MLA, or Chicago Style Guide


Michelle Prendergast, Co-Editor-in-Chief | Email
Alejandro Leopardi, Co-Editor-in-Chief | Email
Jennifer Baugh, Creative Project Manager | Email