Academic Programs & Courses

Academic Programs & Courses

As a student, you'll find the support, guidance, education, and opportunities to be inspired and be empowered.


Montgomery College’s rigorous academic programs are designed to engage, inspire, and enable you to achieve your dreams. MC offers thousands of challenging classes across a wide variety of credit and noncredit programs.


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Programs, Majors, and Degrees

Explore all the degrees, programs of study, and classes that MC has to offer.

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Fully Online Degrees

We offer four fully-online degrees: business, computer science and technologies, criminal justice, and general studies. Credit and noncredit options are available. 

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Enrichment and Business Training

Turn your dream into a skill. MC's Workforce Development and Continuing Education Division offers hundreds of noncredit enrichment, vocational, and job training courses.

Noncredit Programs

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Search our credit and noncredit (Workforce Development and Continuing Education) catalogs here: 

Credit Programs and Courses
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Noncredit (WDCE) Programs and Courses
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Special Academic Features

Take College Classes in High School

Our Dual Enrollment Program allows select students to enroll in college courses while still attending high school.

Get Credit for Prior Learning

You can earn credit and advanced standing for knowledge you've gained outside the classroom.

Transferring to a Four-Year College

Nearly 5,000 MC students transfer every year to four-year colleges and universities.

Honors, Scholars, and Entrepreneurial Programs

Montgomery College honors, scholars, and entrepreneurial programs create exciting and academically rewarding experiences for students. They allow students to discover their talents and interests through courses, seminars, independent study, internships, service-learning opportunities, and social and cultural activities. Find out more about the general honors programs at MC.

Renaissance Scholars, The Scholars Circle & Montgomery Scholars
Renaissance Scholars, Montgomery Scholars, and The Scholars Circle

The Renaissance Scholars and Montgomery Scholars Programs are selective-admissions honors programs, and The Scholars Circle allows high-achieving students to design their own honors curriculum.

Macklin Business Institute
Macklin Business Institute

The Gordon and Marilyn Macklin Business Institute is a competitive, college-wide program offering business students an opportunity to pursue honors work in business, economics, and accounting. 

Hillman Entrepreneurs
Southern Management Leadership Program

The Southern Management Leadership Program is a three-year scholarship and educational program that supports, develops, and graduates ethical leaders who want to energize and give back to their local communities. Students complete their associate's degree at Montgomery College and their bachelor's degree at the University of Maryland, College Park.

More Opportunities

Apprenticeship Programs

Find training and apprenticeship programs in building, construction, automotive, and other trades. Montgomery College is a member of the Registered Apprenticeship-College Consortium.

Academic Internships

Earn credits while gaining on-the-job experience through the Cooperative Education and Internships Program.

Youth Programs

From art and music to math and science, browse dozens of fun and engaging classes for children and teens.

Support Programs and Learning Centers 

Collegewide Academic Support Programs

Achieving Collegiate Excellence and Success (ACES) is a collaborative effort between MC, MCPS, and the Universities at Shady Grove to provide a seamless path to a bachelor's degree. ATPA is our Achieving the Promise Academy, a collegewide academic program that keeps students on track to complete their degrees.

Mentoring Network
Mentoring Programs

Having a mentor–a peer, a teacher, or a staff member–can provide support and direction to help you succeed at MC and beyond. Find out about the Peer Mentoring Program, Boys to Men (BTM), Sister 2 Sister, and more.

Academic Learning Centers
Tutoring/Learning Centers

Academic learning centers are located on each campus, offering tutoring, workshops, technology access, review sessions, and other services and support to help students meet the rigors of academic coursework. 

Other Resources

Paying for College

Montgomery College's low tuition costs and generous financial aid packages help ensure everyone has access to higher education.

Counseling & Advising

Counselors and advisors work closely with students to help them meet their personal, career, and educational goals.

Academic Affairs Division

The Academic Affairs division provides leadership and direction for all academic programs and courses. 

Education Enrichment

Montgomery College provides a wide range of noncredit educational offerings and services for those seeking lifelong education enrichment experiences.

Technical Education

Homer S. Gudelsky Institute for Technical Education provides state-of-the-art technical education and training primarily in: automotive technology, building and construction technology, computer publishing/printing, and workforce technologies.

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It makes me incredibly proud and grateful to be at an institution that thrives on diversity and inclusivity, especially diversity of ideas and inclusive approaches to solving problems.
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