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Special Programs

Explore our diverse educational opportunities and initiatives, community and global partnerships, and programs aimed at nurturing cross-cultural understanding.
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Collegewide Institutes and Initiatives 

Arts Institute

The Arts Institute promotes, enhances, and supports the visual, performing, and media arts at Montgomery College.

Global Humanities Institute

This partnership with the National Endowment for the Humanities is aimed at teaching the humanities in ways that enable understanding among cultures.

The Paul Peck Humanities Institute

The Paul Peck Humanities Institute increases and enhances the presence of the humanities at Montgomery College, and in our broader community.

Institute for Race, Justice, and Civic Engagement

The institute supports students from underrepresented and marginalized groups by helping them find their agency and engage in the democratic process.

Innovation Works

MC Innovation Works supports mission-driven innovation through grant programs, the Innovation Journal, and more.

Image stating The Presidential Scholars Program will improve retention from enrollment through graduation with an image of an African American male.
Presidential Scholars Program
Working to increase the representation of African American men in high-wage, high-demand careers, this program is open to students and mentors of all backgrounds.

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International Programs and Partnerships 

study abroad
Study Abroad and International Education

Students, faculty, and staff can explore both long-term and short-term opportunities to study around the world. Our upcoming short-term trip is to the Dominican Republic and is expected to take place in May, 2022.

In the meantime two new programs have come to MC. The Global Exchange Through Social Media program allows students and employees to engage in culturally-rich exchanges right from your home. These programs take place via Zoom meetings, Instagram, and Facebook Live. Virtual International Internship Program are for students and are offered in 18 career fields with academic credits available. 

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Image of murals at the University of El Salvador
Global Classrooms

Global Classrooms (GC) is an approach to teaching and learning that brings together geographically distant instructors and students from different lingua-cultural backgrounds to communicate and collaborate through online tools and innovative teaching methodologies.

See how Global Classrooms work, learn about our Faculty Fellowship, meet our faculty, and see how you can get involved.

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India Initiative

This grant-supported initiative coordinates a national community college symposium in Delhi and promotes faculty development.

Macau Partnership

Through the Macau Partnership, MC faculty members travel to Macau during the summer to teach English to Chinese students.

US-Asia Links

MC works with US-Asia Links to create new partnerships between MC and higher education institutions in Asia and Europe.

College and Community Programs

Center for Early Education

Our laboratory school on the Germantown Campus provides high-quality childcare for children ages 2 through 5.

Educational Opportunity Center

The EOC provides information, guidance, and application assistance for enrollment in post-secondary education.

TRIO Program

This federally-funded program provides free academic, career, financial, personal, social, and technological assistance and support to eligible college students.