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The Paul Peck Humanities Institute


Jamie Gillan, PPHI Director

The Paul Peck Humanities Institute (PPHI) at Montgomery College was founded in 1998, as the result of a National Endowment for the Humanities grant, and through the generosity of Mr. Paul Peck and others.  

Featured initiatives of the PPHI include the MC-Smithsonian Faculty Fellowship; PPHI Honors Internships at the Library of Congress, Smithsonian Institution and US Holocaust Memorial Museum; Digital Storytelling (DS) Internships and Digital Storytelling Community of Practice; Portraits of Life: Holocaust Survivors of Montgomery County traveling exhibit and Holocaust education programs; Bella Mischkinsky Memorial Lecture; and with the Global Humanities Institute (GHI) at Montgomery College, our annual Humanities Days at Montgomery College (HD@MC.)  These programs and events impact Montgomery College students, faculty and staff, as well as area residents and ensure that the advancement of the humanities at MC is ongoing, evolutionary, and permanent.

Please join us for a contemplative and joyful exploration of the humanities, across the disciplines!

-- Jamie Gillan, PPHI Director


Our Mission

The Paul Peck Humanities Institute enriches the learning and teaching experiences of Montgomery College students and faculty, from all disciplines, through the humanities.
Generating various programs, collaborations and national and local partnerships, the Paul Peck Humanities Institute serves the community by providing growth opportunities and by demonstrating the relevance of the humanities in all areas of life.

PPHI calendar

Afghan Project
  • 9/19 - Afghan Project: Music Workshops
  • 9/22 - Afghan Project: Cultural Documentary
  • 9/26 - Afghan Project: Book Signing & Presentation
  • 9/28 - Afghan Project: Concert Rumi Fest
The Smithsonian Faculty Fellowship
  • 9/22 - The Smithsonian Faculty Fellowship info session
  • 10/05 - Bella Mischkinsky Lecture
  • 10/23 - Humanities Days start
  • 10/27 - Humanities Days end
  • 11/01 - Literary Dialogue Series on "Harrison Bergeron" 12:30pm-2:00pm
  • 11/15 - Portraits of Life reception, 5-7 pm, RV Art Gallery
  • 02/15 - Smithsonian Fellowship Showcase
  • 02/22 - Smithsonian Fellowship Showcase


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Music Workshops - Tuesday, 9/19, at 11am & 1pm at RV

Cultural Documentary - Friday, 9/22, 12:15pm at TP/SS

Book Signing & Presentation - Tuesday, 9/26, 3:30pm at RV

Concert Rumi Fest - Thursday, 9/28 at 7pm


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MC-Smithsonian Faculty Fellowships

Smithsonian Faculty Fellowships

The Smithsonian Faculty Fellowships are the product of a unique collaboration between Montgomery College and the Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital access—the first of its kind between the Smithsonian Institution and a community college.

More About Fellowships

Portraits of Life Gallery Image

Portraits of Life Program

Portraits of Life: Holocaust Survivors of Montgomery County is a collaborative social documentary project (photo portraiture and narrative) created to tell the stories of survivors who have lived in and around Montgomery County, Maryland. The exhibit consists of more than thirty 24 x 36" panels.

More About Portraits

Speaker Portrait

Bella Mischkinsky Memorial Lectures

Judith Cohen
A Mother's Letter from the Grave:
The Frank Grunwald Collection
Frank Islam Athenaeum Symposia &
The Annual Bella Mischkinsky Memorial Lecture. Presented by the Paul Peck Humanities Institute

More About Lectures

Humanities Days at MC

Humanities Days at MC

Celebrate the Humanities! Connect with the Humanities Days committee to learn more about participating in this year’s unique Humanities Days 2020 week-long virtual event!

More About Humanities Days at MC
A group of PPHI Honors Internshp students
PPHI Honors Internships

The Library of Congress (LOC), Smithsonian Institution (SI) and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) Internship Programs are unique opportunities for MC students to experience the professional environment of world-class museum and library research activities. 

More About Internships
digital storytelling
Digital Storytelling Internships and Community of Practice

The Digital Storytelling Internship is an on-campus leadership opportunity for students supported by a thriving Community of Practice as well as a dedicated network of on- and off-campus partners. 

More About Storytelling Internship