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The Paul Peck Humanities Institute


Sara Bachman Ducey, PPHI Director

The Paul Peck Humanities Institute (PPHI) at Montgomery College was founded in 1998, as the result of a National Endowment for the Humanities grant, and through the generosity of Mr. Paul Peck and others.  

Featured initiatives of the PPHI include the MC-Smithsonian Faculty Fellowship; PPHI Honors Internships at the Library of Congress, Smithsonian Institution and US Holocaust Memorial Museum; Digital Storytelling (DS) Internships and Digital Storytelling Community of Practice; Portraits of Life: Holocaust Survivors of Montgomery County traveling exhibit and Holocaust education programs; Bella Mischkinsky Memorial Lecture; and with the Global Humanities Institute (GHI) at Montgomery College, our annual Humanities Days at Montgomery College (HD@MC.)  These programs and events impact Montgomery College students, faculty and staff, as well as area residents and ensure that the advancement of the humanities at MC is ongoing, evolutionary, and permanent.

Please join us for a contemplative and joyful exploration of the humanities, across the disciplines!

-- Sara Bachman Ducey, PPHI Director


Our Mission

The Paul Peck Humanities Institute enriches the learning and teaching experiences of Montgomery College students and faculty, from all disciplines, through the humanities.
Generating various programs, collaborations and national and local partnerships, the Paul Peck Humanities Institute serves the community by providing growth opportunities and by demonstrating the relevance of the humanities in all areas of life.


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Smithsonian Faculty Fellowships

The Smithsonian Faculty Fellowships are the product of a unique collaboration between Montgomery College and the Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital access—the first of its kind between the Smithsonian Institution and a community college.

2021 Smithsonian Faculty Fellowships

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Portraits of Life Program
Portraits of Life: Holocaust Survivors of Montgomery County is a collaborative social documentary project (photo portraiture and narrative) created to tell the stories of survivors who have lived in and around Montgomery County, Maryland. The exhibit consists of more than thirty 24 x 36" panels.
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Bella Mischkinsky Memorial Lectures

Theodora “Dora” Klayman
Testimony of a Holocaust Survivor from Croatia
Frank Islam Athenaeum Symposia & the Annual Bella Mischkinsky Memorial Lecture presented by the Paul Peck Humanities Institute.

Humanities Days at MC

Celebrate the Humanities! Connect with the Humanities Days committee to learn more about participating in this year’s unique Humanities Days 2020 week-long virtual event!

PPHI Honors Internships

The Library of Congress (LOC), Smithsonian Institution (SI) and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) Internship Programs are unique opportunities for MC students to experience the professional environment of world-class museum and library research activities.

Digital Storytelling Internships and Community of Practice

The Digital Storytelling Internship is an on-campus leadership opportunity for students supported by a thriving Community of Practice as well as a dedicated network of on- and off-campus partners.


Integrative Studies and Event Calendar

Montgomery College offers several hundred events each year that bring together members of our college—students, faculty and staff—to make connections between academic learning and the wider world in which they live.  These events can offer a structured opportunity for participants to relate one subject matter to another, to transfer skills across disciplines and to reflect on how they are changed by participation in the experience.

We’ve developed an “Integrative Learning Calendar” to help faculty, staff and students to know about these tremendous learning opportunities.  Nearly all of the events are free of charge and many are open to the general public.  As we move forward, events that appear on this calendar will offer participants guidance about related reading and resources and each will have a list of “reflective questions” to spur participants to process the experience more fully. We will also identify those events which qualify for MC’s Multicultural Diversity Designation.

A special note to help us manage events: please contact the “event contact,” (person whose email is listed at the end of an event entry) if you wish to bring an entire class to an event, or if you require disability accommodations. 

Why Integrative Learning?
Integrative learning supports student success by enhancing cognitive and metacognitive skills, engagement, and motivation.  Integrative Learning fosters life-long learning skills, and emphasizes student-centered applied learning. Montgomery College is striving to offer students more and better opportunities for integrative learning experiences, both inside and alongside our MC classrooms.

Faculty Support for Integrative Learning
Montgomery College’s Integrative Learning Field Guide for Faculty is on on-going collaboration between faculty representing the General Studies Program, The General Education Program and the Integrative Learning Committee at Montgomery College, Maryland. The Field Guide project, under the leadership of Samantha Streamer Veneruso, Collegewide Chair for General Studies, provides examples of assignments and discussion prompts to foster and promote Integrative Learning at Montgomery College.  We encourage you to visit The Montgomery College Integrative Learning Field Guide for Faculty  

This guide is licensed under the Creative Commons license. It is a living document and we welcome additional submissions from MC faculty.  Please contact to learn more about contributing your work.

Reflective Questions
As this initiative moves forward we will be providing reflective questions for attendees to consider during and after their participation in an event.  If you would like to receive a set of generic reflective questions that you can adapt, please email us at

Participating Programs and Representatives

Academic Service Learningnew window
Ms. Nik Sushka
Service Learning Coordinator, Student Life, Rockville

Athenaeum Symposium new window

Collegewide Honors new window
Dr. Lucy Laufe
Collegewide Chair for Honors

E-Learning, Innovation and Teaching Excellence (ELITE) new window
Dr. Angela Lanier
Instructional Designer, Rockville

Global Humanities Institute
Professor Cinder C. Barnes
Director, Global Humanities Institute

Institute for Race, Justice and Civic Engagement
Dr. Vincent Intondi
IRJC Director and Associate Professor of History, Takoma Park/Silver Spring

Montgomery College Learning Community Program
Dr. Marcia Bronstein
Learning Communities Coordinator, Professor of English and ELAP, Takoma Park/Silver Spring

MC Library new window  
Ms. Nancy Nyland
Reference Librarian

Paul Peck Humanities Institute at Montgomery College new window
Ms. Bette Petrides
Coordinator PPHI Honors Internships, Lecturer English, Rockville

Peace & Justice Studiesnew window
Professor Tulin Levitas
Professor of Philosophy, Rockville

Quantitative Reasoning in the Disciplines
Dr. Jennifer Haydel
Collegewide Coordinator, QRID, and Associate Professor of Political Sciences Germantown

International Education & Study Abroad Program new window
Dr. Gregory “Greg” Malveaux
Collegewide Coordinator, International Education and Study Abroad Program and  
Associate Professor of English, Rockville

Women’s and Gender Studies Programnew window
Professor Genevieve Carminati  
Collegewide Coordinator for Women’s and Gender Studies and Professor of English, Rockville

Writing in the Disciplinesnew window
Professor Stephen “Chip” Gladson
Collegewide Chair for Writing in the Disciplines and Associate Professor of English, Germantown

Holocaust Education Event Calendar
If you want to learn more about the programs,  please click on the 2018-2019 Holocaust Education Montgomery College event calendar (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.)