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Our Mission, Vision, and Values

More than just words, our mission, vision, and values reflect, in an inspiring way, who we are as an institution and why we are so dedicated to our students and their success. These aspirational standards set our priorities and drive our actions every day.

OUR MISSION: We empower our students to change their lives, and we enrich the life of our community. We are accountable for our results.

OUR VISION: With a sense of urgency for the future, Montgomery College will be a national model of educational excellence, opportunity, and student success. Our organization will be characterized by agility and relevance as it meets the dynamic challenges facing our students and community.

OUR VALUES: Excellence, Integrity, Innovation, Equity and Inclusion, Stewardship, Sustainability

Montgomery College has grown into an institution where radical inclusion—that is, deeply rooted values of welcoming all individuals who seek higher education or continuing education—is an essential element of our identity. By intentionally cultivating our campuses as places where equal opportunity flourishes, we have advanced our own educational mission, contributed to the aspirations of Montgomery County, and added to the vision of our nation.

We are here to ensure that every student—regardless of ability, background, economic status, race, or age—has access to higher education. One of our main challenges is to focus on equity in success. This means that we provide all students, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds who typically don’t perform as well in college, with the assistance, opportunities, and tools not just to attend college but to effectively reach their goals. Our job is to ensure that everyone has the ability to achieve success by redesigning our institutions for those outcomes.

Montgomery College faculty and staff have gone to great lengths to create robust learning environments where all persons feel safe voicing their perspectives and where intellectual rigor is the basis for engaging across difference. The College will continue to affirm the rights of all persons to study and pursue opportunity through education, free from fear and distraction. Our institution will continue to be a place where diversity thrives and where difference is celebrated.

Do you have a mission moment—a story that brings our mission to life? We would love to hear from you! Send us your mission moment.


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