Academic Advising & Planning

Counselors help students with their personal, career, and educational goals. Along with faculty advisors, they help students select the courses that are right for them. Counselors also teach student development courses, such as the First Year Seminar, and provide interventions and support when students need help.

Below is a helpful guide for academic planning. Remember your counselor/faculty advisor is available to help you stay on track and reach your goals. You will be able to access general academic counseling and advising, as well as advising particularly targetted at your major.

Meet Your Counselor

Starfish Solutions helps create an online student success environment, simplifying programs such as counseling and advising, tutoring, mentoring, and others, with the aim of improving student success. Some of the features of Starfish include:

  • Signing up online for appointments with course instructors, counselors and advisors
  • Viewing support networks for your courses
  • Getting electronic referrals and other messages
  • Viewing and following academic plans
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Class Planning: Your Educational Plan

Academic planning is the process of setting your educational goals and determining the best path to meet them. It is critical that you play an active role in this process from start to finish during your time at Montgomery College.  

Begin to understand your responsibilities as a college student.

Locate and use campus support resources.

Establish a connection with a Counselor/Faculty Advisor.

Review your academic plan in Starfish.

Identify your interests, skills, and values to assist you in formulating goals.

Make a tentative educational plan.

Identify a major that is compatible with your interests, skills and values.

Review and modify your educational plan, as needed. If appropriate, access information to help you plan for transfer to a four-year college/university.

Define an exit plan from Montgomery College (graduation, employment or transfer).
Make the transition out of Montgomery College.

View the Advising Worksheets for the 2017 - 2018 Montgomery College Online Catalog. Please make sure to confirm that you are following an advising worksheet that matches the catalog year you started at Montgomery College.


Montgomery College uses the ACCUPLACER and ACCUPLACER ESL tests to determine reading, English and math skills. Placement scores help counselors and academic advisers recommend courses that are appropriate for you. 

Assessment Centers provide individualized Academic testing for MC students enrolled in distance learning courses, taking academic make-up tests, and with Disability Support Services (DSS) approved accommodations. Find out more about placement and assessment centers

Advising by Major

Go to Advising by Major and click on the name of the major/career field you are interested in for information about careers, transfer requirements, four-year programs, and internships.

Academic Advising and Planning
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