Academic Orientation

Students newly admitted to Montgomery College receive their introduction to academic planning by completing an academic orientation session. 

When Should You Do Academic Orientation? 

You can complete the online academic orientation after you have been admitted to the College and determined your placement—see below. It is important that you wait the required number of days before logging on; otherwise, you may not receive your course placements: 

  • If you took the Accuplacer test at Montgomery College, you must wait 48 hours after the date of your test before logging into the orientation.· If you took the Accuplacer test in your MCPS high school, you may be able to log into the orientation and see your course placements ONLY if your scores were forwarded to MC and are sufficient for placement into college level English and/or math. If not, please take the test at Montgomery College.
  • If you took the Accuplacer ESL test at Montgomery College, you must wait the required number of days indicated on the instructions you received in the Assessment Center after taking the exam. This will allow sufficient time for your test to be evaluated.
  • If you have not taken the Accuplacer or Accuplacer ESL but have a qualifying score on the SAT, ACT, TOEFL or IELTS, you may begin the academic orientation. Please provide an official score report to Raptor Central
What Will You Learn in Academic Orientation?

You will learn about MC degree requirements, learn how to select your courses, and map out your educational pathway at MC. You will be able to receive the results of your Accuplacer or Accuplacer ESL exam and learn what your initial course placements are in English and/or math, and you will learn how those placements may determine the courses you can take in your first semester.  

How Do You Access the Academic Orientation?  

The online academic orientation can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It requires audio, although closed captioning is available for those preferring to read the recorded information. The program will take about 30 minutes to complete. You may return to the session later if you cannot complete it in one sitting. Sign in here to begin

If you log in and do not see your test results/course placements, wait the time indicated above and log in again, clearing your cache or history screen. 

What’s Next After Completing Academic Orientation? 

Once you've completed the orientation, print your certificate. Follow the instructions on the certificate to schedule an advising appointment, where you'll discuss your academic plans and choose your first semester classes. Bring your certificate with you to your appointment.