Student Success Courses

Successful students don’t depend on luck—they have skills. At MC, you can discover the secrets to college success and earn college credit while doing It. Student success courses focus on strategies to help you become a successful student and assist you in developing an education plan.

  • STSU 100 First Year Seminar
  • STSU 101 Seminar for International Students
  • Study Skills: STSU 110 (one semester hour)
  • Building Math Confidence: STSU 112 (one semester hour)
  • Memory Development: STSU 114 (one semester hour)
  • Career Development: STSU 120 (two semester hours)
  • Principles of Academic Success: STSU 122 (two semester hours)
If you want to...

ease the transition to college, consider taking STSU 101, STSU 100
learn about campus resources, consider taking STSU 101, STSU 100
develop a success network, consider taking STSU 101, STSU 100
manage my time better, consider taking STSU 110, STSU 100
create an academic plan, consider taking STSU 110, STSU 100
set and achieve goals, consider taking STSU 110, STSU 122, STSU 100
improve study habits, consider taking STSU 110
find potential majors or careers, consider taking STSU 120
identify my interests & skills, consider taking STSU 120
eliminate self-defeating behaviors STSU 122
develop learning strategies for math STSU 112

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