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Meet with a Counselor/Advisor

All counseling and advising meetings will be offered remotely. This means there will be no meetings on campus until further notice.

See remote counseling and advising options below, and see all COVID-19 updates and resources.

Options for Remote Services

There are various ways students can connect with someone in counseling and advising. Students with disabilities: please click here for instructions on scheduling a remote advising appointment.

By Live Chat

Best for quick advising questions that can be answered within 5-10 minutes or assistance with scheduling remote meetings.

Live Chat Hours of Operation: Monday-Wednesday, 9:00 a.m.4:00 p.m. and Thursday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.2:00 p.m. (may change at any time)

Virtual Assistant (Chatbot) Hours of Operation: 24/7  


By Email

Best for quick questions about specific and concrete issues.   

Hours: Available 24/7; response time is typically within two business days

Ask a Question

By Appointment

Remote meetings will be held via web conferencing or phone.

Additional instructions will be included in a confirmation message sent to your MC e-mail account after scheduling.

Hours of Operation:  Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (may change at any time)

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We're here to help you plan your education and meet your academic goals. 


New Students: Are You Ready to Meet with a Counselor?

Make sure you’ve completed the steps below.   Once you’ve completed all the steps, you are ready to meet with someone in the Counseling department

Apply for Admission

Complete the admissions application and related admissions tasks. See Step One on the Getting Started: How to Apply and Register page for details. 

Activate Your MC Account and Determine Placement

Claim your MyMC account, set up your MC email account, and determine if you need to take placement tests. See Step Two on the Getting Started: How to Apply and Register page for details. 

Complete Orientation 

Complete the following:


Visiting Students

Want to take classes at MC to transfer back to your home college or university? See our resources for visiting students.

Transfer to MC

Keep your transfer plans on track! Regularly review MC's Transfer Planning page. And make sure you discuss your progress with a counselor or advisor.

What is Starfish?

This online program makes it easy for you to schedule appointments with course instructors, counselors, and academic program advisors.


Returning Students

Academic Advising and Planning

Your counselor and/or academic program advisor can help you set educational goals and a plan to reach them.

Advising by Major

Meet with an academic program advisor who teaches in your major for advising tailored to your program of study.

Transfer Planning

Keep your transfer plans on track by regularly reviewing MC's Transfer Planning page and discussing your progress with a counselor or advisor.

Make an Advising Appointment

Meet with an advisor to discuss your academic plans and goals.  See advising options above.

Online Advising

Got a quick question or can't find an appointment in Starfish? Send a question to Online Advisor and we'll respond as soon as possible.

Department Directory

Locate an academic program advisor who teaches in your major for advising tailored to your program of study


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