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First Year Experience

First Year Experience

The first year of college is an exciting and challenging time where you will experience academic and personal growth. Our First Year Experience (FYE) program connects first year students to Montgomery College by: 

  • Educating students on services and resources
  • Empowering students to make their move toward their goals using informed decision making
  • Engaging students in Montgomery College and the community
  • Embracing students by meeting them where they are
  • Exciting students through the experience we provide in their first year
  • Enriching students' lives by providing, promoting and supporting learning opportunities that will help them grow personally, professionally, and academically
  • Exploring opportunities so students can discover who they want to be and plans they can make to realize their dreams.

The FYE program includes New Student Orientation, workshops and events throughout the academic year, and the centerpiece of the FYE program: the First Year Seminar.

New Student Orientation

Have a successful start at Montgomery College. Through New Student Orientation (NSO), we'll answer your questions, connect you to campus resources, and help you make the most of your college experience. New degree-seeking students must complete NSO before registering for classes. Access New Student Orientation online

FYE Activities and Resources 

FYE Summer Bridge Program

Prepare to meet the demands of college by bridging the gap between high school and college. 

The FYE Summer Bridge Program  includes a one-credit course (First Year Seminar: STSU 100) that allows students to experience the college environment prior to the fall term.

Through structured and integrated activities, students are prepared to meet the demands of college by bridging the gap between high school and college. Statistics consistently have shown that students who attend a summer bridge program achieve higher grade point averages, have higher retention rates, and experience higher graduation rates than students who do not attend such programs. After completing the program, students typically demonstrate more confidence and self-assuredness—and are better prepared to begin college.

Students should attend the course on the campus on which they intend to take classes. They should also commit to enrolling at Montgomery College in the fall semester immediately following the First Year Seminar. Enrollment is limited; scholarships may be available.

What Will Students Do in the First Year Seminar?

  • Explore goals and career direction
  • Develop an education plan that meets their goals
  • Learn how to access campus resources and services
  • Discover new study and time management skills
  • Understand costs and financial aid opportunities
  • Improve team-building and problem-solving skills
  • Become familiar with the campuses
  • Understand graduation requirements
  • Increase knowledge of MC policies/procedures
  • Meet other students, faculty, and staff
  • Investigate transfer information
First Year Seminars

Seminars focus on strategies to help you become a successful student and assist you in developing an education plan that will guide your selection of classes and transfer.

  • STSU 100 First Year Seminar: Designed to assist the student in adjusting to college. Includes academic and student services available, study habit techniques, career and educational planning, and adjustment concerns. Especially intended for students during their initial semester of enrollment. One hour lecture/discussion each week; one semester hour. (Formerly DS 107)
  • STSU 101 Seminar for International Students: Orientation course for international students. Includes study skills, academic regulations, the American educational system, individual educational and vocational goals, communication skills, and American customs. Especially intended for students during their initial semester of enrollment in conjunction with American language developmental course offerings. Two hours lecture/discussion each week; two semester hours. (Formerly DS 104)

For more information, email

Montgomery College Student Guide

FYE Student Ambassadors

FYE Student Ambassadors

FYE Student ambassadors play a key role in assisting first-year students with the transition to college.

Student ambassadors are a select group of student leaders dedicated to serving first-year students by fostering support in academic performance and social development inside and outside the classroom. 


2021-2022 FYE Student Ambassador Application  
FYE Ambassador Role

Student Ambassador Qualifications and Benefits

  • Participate in FYE classes, Summer Bridge, New Student Orientation, Welcome Week and other engaging events designed for First Year students
  • Promote FYE and Student Life college/campus events and activities
  • Serve as leaders, mentors and positive role models for new MC students

Qualifications to become an FYE Student ambassador

  • Enrolled at MC at time of application and while participating in the program
  • Completed at least 12 credit hours at MC
  • Completed of STSU 100 or STSU 101 with a grade of ‘B’ or better
  • Earned an overall GPA of 3.0 or better at MC
  • Able to make a one academic year commitment (fall/spring)
  • Available 6-7 hours each week

Benefits of being an FYE Student ambassador:

  • Develop relationships with MC faculty, staff, and students
  • Enhance leadership skills
  • Expand work experience
  • Improve presentation and facilitation skills
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Widen awareness of the college/campus
  • Enhance Resume

Barke Ahmed

Hometown: Tanzania 
Major: Public Health Science 

What I like most about MC: 
I love how friendly and supportive the professors are. Despite the fact that there are so many students in class, the professors are doing their best to make sure students pass their classes

What I found most beneficial from STSU100 First Year Seminar/Summer Bridge: 
The most beneficial thing I learned from STSU 100 was about campus resources. When I first enrolled at MC, I had a hard time with my essays, not knowing that we had the Writing, Reading and Language Center (WRL) that could help me out. By taking STSU100, I was able to learn about, locate and utilize not only the WRL Center, but also the Science Learning Center and MAPEL Center.

Advice for new students:
I would advise my fellow students to take STSU100 before starting college so they can be familiar with the college environment and resources. With STSU100, students can easily navigate the campus, get help selecting classes, schedule appointments with counselors and much more.

Favorite MC experience: 
My favorite MC experience was the Welcome Week. Faculty and Staff made us feel comfortable being on campus as they help us locate our classes.

Campus resources that I find most valuable and made the most use of:
The Writing, Reading and Language Center (WRL), as they helped me cross check my essays for grammatical and punctuation errors.

FYE Student Ambassador
Sariyya Alima

Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Major: General Studies – SSAH (Sociology)

What I like most about MC:
The diversity the college offers. 

What I found most beneficial from STSU100 First Year Seminar/Summer Bridge:
STSU 100 was a very helpful course because I learned about many resources MC has and how to prep for college. This made things very convenient for me as it helped me to become a very efficient student.

Advice for New Students:
Some advice I’d give new students is to always meet with a Counselor before a semester starts, check the college website regularly and seek help whenever necessary to keep themselves up-to-date and on track to achieve their desired goals.

Favorite MC Experience:
When I visited the Maryland State Senate to represent the college to delegates, senators, and other officials.

Campus resource I find most valuable or made the most use of:
Amidst the various campus resources available to students I found the Writing, Reading and Language Center (WRL) to be the most helpful for me as it helped me to improve my writing style which enabled me to get better grades in all my subjects.

FYE Student Ambassador Michelle Karlsberg
Tram Chau (TC)

Hometown: Saigon, Vietnam

What I like most about MC:
MC classes are typically small-size so I do receive personal-attention from my professors. In addition, my professors are so “cool” and attentive to my needs in learning; I can definitively feel their love for teaching and helping students to learn.

What I found most beneficial from STSU 100: First Year Seminar/Summer Bridge:
STSU 100 helped me to learn about many available resources offered for MC students. Moreover, it assisted me to plan an academic roadmap not only for my time with MC but also beyond graduation and transfer to the next prospective institution.

Advice for new students:
“Plan, Plan, Plan” The earlier that you have your plan in place, the sooner and easier that you can achieve your academic goal. Taking advantage of Counseling and Advising resources is the best way to start. A counselor will help to guide you on the right paths and to avoid mistakes and ways to overcome obstacles that you may face (i.e. course selection, class scheduling, etc.)

Favorite MC Experience:

My favorite MC experience is knowing and working with everyone in the Student Life Office, from staff to student assistants, Student Senate, and various student’s clubs. I enjoy not only getting to know different people, making new friends, but also learning and growing my “soft-skills” alongside with my academic study. In addition, I’m proud to become a Student Ambassador in the FYE program. As an additional “perk” for being a MC student, I also enjoy our free on-campus swimming pool several times a week.

Campus resource I find most valuable or made the most use of:
As an international student, I find the Writing, Reading and Language Center (WRL) and Student Life activities are most valuable to me. The WRL Center has helped me a lot with my English, especially with my essay writing skills. Getting involved with Student Life’s activities has helped me learn more about different cultures, built leadership skills, and grown my confidence.

FYE Student Ambassador
Jessica Cruz

Hometown: Montgomery Village, Maryland

What I like most about MC: 
Montgomery College has so much to offer, but if I had to pick one specific thing it would be the diversity and the support within the college. Here at MC, everyone has your back which I find very special. You do not have to be afraid to be yourself and overall, it is a great two-year community college I would say the best! 

What I find most beneficial from STSU 100 First Year Seminar/Summer Bridge: 
First, I would recommend all incoming freshmen to take STSU 100 because it truly does prepare you and set you up to have a successful college experience. The thing I found most beneficial was the information I was provided on resources and student success strategies.

Advice for new students:
I would say do not be afraid to ask for help or advice if you need it. I was once in your position and If I did not ask for help and advice, I would not be on the successful track that I am on now.

Favorite MC experience: 
My best MC experience is being able to participate in Student Life activities and clubs. MC offers so many unique clubs that you can guarantee there is one if not more that you will find interesting. For me, that club was the Medical Careers club.

Campus resource I find most valuable or made the most use of:
The most valuable resource for me is the Science Learning Center (SLC). If you are struggling in any of your sciences classes, this place will help you understand your materials and has a variety of resources available for you to use!

FYE Student Ambassador
Michelle Hunt

Hometown: Clarksburg, MD
Major: Business

What I like most about MC:
There are many things I love about MC, but some of my favorites are the abundance of resources, extremely helpful professors, and diverse student body.

Campus resource I find most valuable or made the most use of:
A campus resource that I find very valuable is the Math, Accounting, Physics, and Engineering Learning (MAPEL) Center on the Germantown campus. If you ever take some sort of math course, I highly recommend you visit the MAPEL Center at least twice a semester, even if it is virtually. It's free tutoring, and the tutors are very helpful! I would not have been able to pass calculus without them!

Favorite MC experience:
The Halloween party in 2019. There was lots of good food, music, and plenty of friends. There will be many events like that this year remotely with COVID-19, so keep your eyes peeled for flyers and emails!

Advice for New Students:
Learn how to manage your time! Whether it is commuting to school, studying, or how you spend your weekends. Good time management is a resourceful skill that will take you far in college and beyond. Additionally, please do not hesitate to reach out to your professors, counselors, peers, and us - FYE Student Ambassadors. We are here to help you!


FYE Student Ambassador
Barke Khamis



FYE Student Ambassador
Vijaykiran Pasupulati Vasanthakumar

Hometown: Bangalore, India
Major: Biological Sciences

What you like most about MC:
What I like most about MC is the low cost tuition and the plethora of resources and opportunities like the learning centers, shuttle services, workshops and activities that they offer for students to succeed and achieve their goals.

What I found most beneficial from STSU 100: First-Year Seminar/Summer Bridge:
What I found most beneficial from STSU 100 is that time management and being organized are two essential skills to be a successful student in college.

Advice for new students:
My advice for new students would be to contact the college you would like to transfer to after MC and get information from them about the classes they need and accept from MC so that you don’t end up taking classes that are not needed. This will save time and make the transition from MC to the four year institution as smooth as possible.

Favorite MC experience: 
My favorite MC experience was and is being a part of the Student Senate. Being a new student from another country, the Senate gave me the opportunity to meet new people and make a lot of friends and connections. Being part of the Senate has also taught me many life lessons that helped me grow as a person.

Campus resource I find most valuable or made the most use of:
One Campus resource that I found most valuable and make most use of are the Learning Centers. The Learning Centers helped me tremendously to get good grades in my classes. I spend countless hours seeking help from tutors, utilizing the textbooks that they have access to and just studying there, which is a huge factor in helping me succeed in many of my classes.


Find FYE on Campus

Germantown Campus

Science and Applied Studies Building, Room 252
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Rockville Campus

Mannakee Building
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus

Student Services Building, Room 233
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.