Advising Worksheets 2019-2020

The  Advising Worksheets were created to assist students in tracking the completion of degree requirements for their chosen window The Advising Worksheets should be used in conjunction with the Program Advising Guidesnew window and the Montgomery College Catalognew window and are meant to supplement the advising process. Students who plan to transfer should contact the college where they intend to transfer to determine appropriate coursework. All students should meet with a Counselor or a Program Advisor to discuss their academic plans. Click below to access the individual Advising Worksheets.

Students transferring to a specific four year institution, please check the Transfer Agreementsnew window site for articulated pathways that identify required coursework.

If you need access to these documents via alternate format, please contact

See a counselor to submit a Graduation Application the semester BEFORE you intend to graduate.

To jump to a specific curriculum, select the initial letter. It is worthwhile to also scan the list if you don't immediately find what you are seeking.  

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 General Studies
Advanced Network Security
Aerospace Engineering
Aging Studies
American Sign Language
Applied Geography
Architectural Technology
Art: Studio Art
Audio Production (formerly Radio Production) 
Automotive Technology
Biological Science (Formerly Life Science)
Building Trades Technology
CAD for the Building Professional  
Carpentry: Building Trades Technology
Cartography and Geographic Information Systems
Chemical Engineering
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Cisco Certified Network Associate + Security Preparation
Civil Engineering
Cloud Computing and System Administrator
Communication Studies
Community Health (Formerly Health Education)
Computer Applications
Computer Gaming and Simulation
Computer Engineering
Computer Graphics: Art and Animation (Now Digital Animation)
Computer Programming
Computer Science and Technologies
Construction Management
Criminal Justice
Data Science
Database Systems
Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Digital Animation
Digital Media and Web Technology
Early Childhood Education    
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Wiring
Electronic Photography
Emergency Preparedness Management
Engine Performance Specialist
Engineering Sciences
Environmental Science and Policy
Ethnic Social Studies
Exercise Science (Formerly Health Fitness)
Fire and Emergency Services Management (formerly Fire Science Fire Service Management)
Food & Beverage Management - Hospitality Management
General Engineering    
General Studies
Geographic Education
Graphic Design
Health Education (Now Community Health)    
Health Enhancement, Exercise Science, and Physical Education
Health Fitness (Now Exercise Science)
Health Information Management
Homeland Security
  • Homeland Security (Awaiting Approval for Fall 2019)
Hospitality Management
Illustration, Graphic Design    
Information Sciences and Systems (formerly Information Technology)
Interior Design
International Studies
IT Professional +
Java Developer    
Landscape Technology    
Life Science (Now Biological Science)
Materials Science and Engineering (Scheduled for Deletion, Fall 2020)
Mechanical Engineering
Medical Coder/Abstractor/Biller
Mental Health Associate
Network and Information Technologies    
Nuclear Engineering (Scheduled for Deletion, Fall 2020)
Paralegal Studies    
Performing Arts
Personal Trainer
Physical Education Teacher Education
Physical Therapist Assistant
Portrait, Fashion, and Photojournalism
Powertrain Specialist- Automotive Technology
Public Health Sciences
Radio-Broadcast Media Production    
Radiologic (X-Ray) Technology
Sonography, Diagnostic Medical
Studio Art - Students not enrolled in School of Art & Design
Supervisory Management
Surgical Technology
Teacher Education    
Technical Writing
Television-Broadcast Media Production
Transfer Studies
Undercar Specialist    
Web Careers
Video Production (formerly Television Production)    
Women's & Gender Studies    
(X-Ray) Radiologic Technology     


prior years'  Advising Worksheets

For the most up-to-date Advising Worksheets information, please view the 2019-2020 Advising Worksheets. 



  • Accounting AAS: 301 (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.)
  • Applied Geography AAS: 344
  • Architectural Technology AAS: 302
  • Art AA: 003
  • Automotive Technology AAS: 307
  • Communication Studies AA: 609
  • Community Health (Formerly Health Education) AA: 186A
  • Computer Gaming and Simulation Art and Animation Track AA (Deleted Summer 2015): 606D 
  • Computer Gaming and Simulation Game Production and Design Track AA (Deleted Summer 2015): 606E 
  • Computer Gaming and Simulation Game Programming Track AA (Deleted Summer 2015): 606A
  • Cybersecurity AAS: 356A
  • Dance AA: 128
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography - General Area of Concentration AAS: 530
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography - Echocardiography Area of Concentration AAS: 530
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography - Vascular Area of Concentration AAS: 530
  • Digital Media and Web Technology AAS: 357
  • Early Childhood Education Technology AAS: 315
  • Early Childhood Leadership and Management Letter of Recognition: 819 (Deleted Summer 2015)
  • Emergency Preparedness Management AS: 414 (Revised Fall 2019)
  • Fire and Emergency Services Management (formerly Fire Science Fire Service Management) AAS: 346A
  • Food and Beverage Management Area of Concentration, Hospitality Management AAS: 347A
  • General Studies AA: 129 (Deleted Summer 2015) (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.)
  • Health Fitness (Now Exercise Science) AA: 157B
  • Health Information Management AAS: 550
  • HVAC Area of Concentration Building Trades Technology AAS: 308C
  • Interior Design Pre professional AA: 102
  • Interior Design Pre professional - General Track AAS: 306A
  • Interior Design Pre professional - NKBA Track AAS: 306B
  • Landscape Technology AAS: 328
  • Music AA: 054
  • Network and Wireless Technologies AAS: 354
  • Paralegal Studies AAS: 341
  • Photography AAS: 342
  • Public Health Sciences AS: 415
  • Radio Area of Concentration Broadcast Media Production AA: 309A
  • Television Area of Concentration Broadcast Media Production AA: 310A
  • Theatre Performance AA: 011
  • Theatre Technical AA: 014
  • Carpentry Area of Concentration Building Trades Technology AAS: 308A
  • Criminal Justice AAS: 314
  • Electronic Imaging Prepress Certificate: 197 (Deleted Summer 2014)
  • Management of Construction AAS: 303
  • Mental Health Associate AAS: 560
  • Nursing AS: 570
  • Physical Therapist Assistant AAS: 580
  • Printing Technology Certificate: 176 (Deleted Summer 2014)
  • Secondary Education-Chemistry AAT: 610
  • Specialized Art- Painting Certificate: 211B (Deleted Summer 2014)
  • Specialized Art- Printmaking Certificate: 211C (Deleted Summer 2014)
  • Specialized Art- Sculpture Certificate: 211E (Deleted Summer 2014)
  • Surgical Technology AAS: 590
  • Studio Art Certificate: 212 (Deleted Summer 2014)
  • Arts AA: 045
  • General Studies AA: 129 (Revised Fall 2013) (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.)
  • Network and Wireless Technologies - CISCO Track AAS: 354A
  • Network and Wireless Technologies - Microsoft Track AAS: 354C
  • Network and Wireless Technologies - Wireless Technologies Track AAS: 354C


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