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Presidential Scholars Program

Deliberate Action, Dismantled Barriers, Dreams Realized

The Presidential Scholars Program works to increase the representation of African American men in high-wage, high-demand careers.

The program is open to students of all backgrounds who are committed to the program goals. Presidential Scholars will receive:

  • Individualized financial aid support
  • Academic support
  • Student support services
  • Connections to a network of internal and external mentors

Past Events

Champions for Success: Investing in African American Excellence

Presidential Scholars Program Round Table February 24, 2022

Moderator: Brandon C.S. Wallace, Associate Professor, School of Education

Dr. Eric Benjamin, Collegewide Dean, Education and Social Science
Dr. Andraé L. Brown, Professor, Psychology Department
Terrence M. Evelyn, Collegewide Director, Facilities Operations
Marvin Mills, Jr., Vice President, Facilities
George E. Rice III, Administrative Associate; Equity Inclusion Program Director
Steven Taylor, Building Service Manager, Facilities

Get Involved

This program is open to students of all backgrounds who demonstrate a commitment to the goal of increasing the representation of African-American males in high-wage, high-demand careers, and therefore interested in a pathway for transfer/completion and economic mobility for these men. 

To apply to the program, a student must meet the following requirements:  
• Demonstrate a commitment to the goal of the program 
• Have a minimum of a 2.0 Cumulative GPA 
• Enrolled in at least 6 credit hours per semester at Montgomery College  
• Fill out the application form  


We welcome mentors to guide students participating in the Presidential Scholars Program. Mentors are committed to student success, developing pathways to economic mobility, and increasing the representation of African American men in high-need areas of the workforce. Mentors provide positive interactions, success coaching, internships, job shadowing, and other experiential learning opportunities to our scholars. Fill out this form to become a mentornew window.

About the Presidential Scholars Program

True to its mission of empowering students to change their lives and enrich the life of the community, the College works strategically and innovatively to remove barriers to higher education access, retention, and success. The Presidential Scholars Program is open to students of all backgrounds who are committed to increasing the representation of African American men in high-wage/high-demand careers. Students in the program will receive individualized financial aid support, academic support, student support services, and connections to a network of internal and external mentors. Additionally, this program expands the College’s intentionality in addressing systematic racism and has implications for the local, national and global community.

The institutional strategy to for African American male students has four intended outcomes:

  1. Increase completion of degrees and professional certifications.
  2. Increase representation of African American men in careers in industries with life-sustaining salaries and more jobs than workers to fill them.
  3. Connect students with employers and mentors from industries with the best opportunities for high salaries and excellent prospects.
  4. Demonstrate (clearly) the intention and solutions for addressing systemic racism and other barriers to success.

PSP is highly dependent upon relationship building, partnerships, and commitment throughout the college community and the broader community. Deliberate with its design to meet its intended goal and outcomes, success of the program is rooted in key foundational interventions: (1) academic and student support services, (2) financial aid and basic needs supports, (3) mentorship and success coaching, and (4) experiential l learning and opportunities.


An important component of the Presidential Scholars Program is the unwavering support students receive from our faculty and staff, each other, and the community at-large. 

We gratefully acknowledge all donors to the Presidential Scholars Program for their vision and commitment to the academic and professional success of our scholars. 

Abigail K. Alcott
Michelle M. Alexander
John Aquilino and Rose Garvin Aquilino
Lena S. Barnett, Esq.
Steven John Barone
Eric J. Benjamin
Carolyn Branson
Vincent and Tanisha Briley
Michael Arthur Brintnall
Leon B. Brown and Monica R.M. Brown
Roderick Bryan
Roberta Buckberg
Jennifer M. Capparella
Lali Chatterjee
Po-lun Chou
Pamella Cockell
Sol Graham and family
Richard Leach Dana
Susan C. De La Paz
Timothy D. Dietz
Colleen N. Dolak
Dawn and Rusty Drew
Sandra Ellis
Sarah Miller Espinosa
Terrence M. Evelyn and Claire E. Walters
John B. Ewald
Kpakpundu Ezeze
Jane M. Feibel
Howard Feinstein
Jessame E. Ferguson

Earldine L. Fisher
Adakou Edwige Foli
Hermione Fthenakis
La Verne Gordon
Sol Graham and Family
Patricia J. Harvey
Henry B. (Hank) and Bonnie S. Heller
Reyna Hernandez
Hilbert R. and Joan M. Hubble
Michael E. Jackson
Yolanda Shepard James
Vernita Jefferson
Scott and Elaine Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Karlik
Kimberly B. Kelley
Karen S. King
Michael Knapp
Lawrence N. Kosciulek
Sharlene J. Kranz
Katie and Greg Kumkumian
Margaret and Jose Latimer
Susan B. Lagrone
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald G. Lewis
Carol M. Lowe
Linda M. Lugar
Catherine Lutter and Todd McCreight

Gregory J. and Susan C. Madden
Ellen W. Mansueto
Carol W. Martin
Jennifer Nicolle Martin
Jennifer N. Martin and Thomas S. Marsh
J. Stephen III and Karyn B. McAuliffe
Marcia L. Meltzer
Jane Ellen Miller
Patricia C. Moffett
Judith B. Morenoff
Milton H. Nash, Ph.D.
William Edward Nellist
Kenneth Nelson
Alfred G. and Elizabeth Bird Noguchi
Peat O'Neil
Mary D. Ott
Rev. Malachi Owens, Jr.
Steven C. Pace and Melissa Addams Pace
German Paraud
Dana R. Pauley
DeRionne Pollard and Robyn Jones
Mary Joanne Pratt
Timothy Pulliam
Clevette M. Ridguard
Abigail Seldin
Ann C. Shalleck
Bobbi and Larry Shulman
Ruth A. Skowronski
Jane Smith and James Washington
Sonja B. Sperlich
Frank Spigel
Charlotte Grace Stoliker
Deni Lucia Taveras
Carmen Poston-Farmer Travis
Dorothy J. Umans
Francene T. Walker
Brandon Charles Steven Wallace
Rhonda J. Weiss
Roger Williams and Ginger Macomber
Jeffrey I. Wolf
Charles J. Wyatt
Rivka Michal Yerushalmi
Bob and Linda Youngentob

Corporate/Foundation Donors
HERDI - Higher Education Research and Development Institute
MCAC Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
MCPS Union Community Partnership Fund
Montgomery County Education Association
North Star Charitable Foundation
Quality Biological Inc.
Rockville Academy
Seldin/Haring-Smith Foundation

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