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Global Classrooms

Bringing the world to Montgomery College
Students in a classroom looking at a video chat

What are Global Classrooms?

Global Classrooms (GC) is an approach to teaching and learning that brings together geographically distant instructors and students from different lingua-cultural backgrounds to communicate and collaborate through online tools and innovative teaching methodologies.

About Us

The Montgomery College Global Classrooms Faculty Fellowship (GCFF), sponsored by the Humanities Department and ELITE, provides an opportunity for faculty members across the Humanities and Social Sciences divisions to collaborate with faculty from our international partner institutions. Participants develop professional relationships by communicating via text, email, and virtual platforms in order to create mutually beneficial virtual academic and cultural exchange projects for courses they are teaching. Since its inception in 2017, the GCFF has supported Fellows from the following disciplines: Art, Art History, Economics, English, Spanish, ELAP, History, Women’s and Gender Studies, Anthropology, Geography and Communication.

The Global Classroom project can take many forms including a class-to-class virtual exchange, individual student virtual exchanges, or virtual guest lectures by faculty members. These projects encourage students to gain a deeper level of cultural understanding, global self-awareness, social responsibility and capacity to apply their knowledge to contemporary global challenges in a dynamic and meaningful way. See examples of Global Classrooms projects and the Global Classroom Faculty Fellowship Showcase below.

2020 Global Classrooms Faculty Fellowship Showcase


Murals at university of el Salvador
Montgomery college and university of el Salvador

Global Classrooms Faculty Fellowship (GCFF)