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Rolling Raptor

MC's Mobile EduKitchen

The Rolling Raptor truck with a team of people

Rolling Raptor is Montgomery College’s Mobile EduKitchen; a business lab that facilitates experiential learning experiences for hospitality management students and other programs.

Rolling Raptor is a 26” food truck equipped with cutting-edge culinary equipment and technology.  

It is designed to serve as a mobile business venture, which will enable students to:

  • develop a food truck business/concept, 
  • fabricate and test out products to be served, 
  • cost out and develop menus, 
  • operate the food truck in a real setting (e.g., sports events), and
  • evaluate the success of the concept based on customer feedback and financial gains or losses. 

Rolling Raptor Courses

Rolling Raptor EduKitchen truck with four students in front

Rolling Raptor will be incorporated into the curriculum of:

  • 347A: Food and Beverage Management Area of Concentration, Hospitality Management 
  • 347B: Management and Supervision, Hospitality Management  

Students enrolled in the following courses will be utilizing Rolling Raptor:

  • HMGT 204: Catering and Banquets
  • HMGT 240: Hospitality Marketing
  • HMGT 299 and WDCE Co-list Course: Food Truck Entrepreneurship
  • HMGT 107/107L: Food and Beverage Management
  • HMGT 105: Safety and Sanitation

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