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Dr. Carolyn Terry

Associate Senior Vice President for Curriculum, Pathways, and Planning
Dr. Carolyn Terry

Dr. Carolyn S. Terry leads academic programs and initiatives at Montgomery College that have a broad impact across various disciplines. In her role as the administrative liaison to the General Education Committee, Academic Regulations Committee, and Collegewide Curriculum Committee, Dr. Terry ensures the alignment of the College's programs with Maryland Higher Education Commission standards and requirements. Furthermore, Dr. Terry provides administrative leadership to several Collegewide projects aimed at supporting faculty members in their work. These projects include the production of the academic catalog and calendar, the faculty handbook, student course evaluations, Assessment and Testing Centers, Community Programs, and Alternative Pathways. 

Dr. Terry convenes the Committee on Appropriate Placement and Developmental Issues (CAPDI), where she has been instrumental in transitioning placement testing from high-stakes standardized assessments to a more holistic approach involving multiple measures.  As part of a Collegewide student success plan, Dr. Terry spearheads the Scheduling for Student Success project, utilizing scheduling analytics and enrollment management strategies to streamline student schedules and minimize course cancelations. 

Prior to her current appointment, Dr. Terry served as the dean of Humanities at Montgomery College's Rockville campus, where she also acted as the lead dean for various disciplines, including English, World Languages, Philosophy, Honors, and Women's and Gender Studies. Her career at Montgomery College began as a faculty member in the Rockville campus English department, where she served as faculty coordinator of the Rockville Campus Writing and Reading Center, and later as department chair.

Dr. Terry holds a B.A. with high distinction and honors in English from The Pennsylvania State University, where she continued her graduate studies, earning an M.A. with a concentration in composition and rhetorical theory. She obtained her Ed.D. in Community College Leadership from Morgan State University, with her dissertation focusing on a quantitative analysis of part-time and full-time faculty assessment of student general education competencies.

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