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Testing Requirements for Teachers

Most states (including Maryland) have testing requirements as part of their teaching certification process. In general, there are two levels of testing: one is a basic skills level assessment and the other is the subject-specific knowledge and teaching skills assessments. The first assessment is required for earning the Associate of Arts in Teaching degree; the other assessments are required for completing an approved teacher preparation program at the bachelor's level (or higher) and earning full teacher certification.

Students may now meet the basic skills requirement for the Associate of Arts in Teaching in either of two ways:

Option 1: Earn a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on all coursework at the time of associate's degree completion.  (No basic skills test required!)

Option 2: Earn between a 2.75 and 2.99 cumulative GPA AND present acceptable scores on one of the following state-approved basic skills tests: SAT, ACT, Praxis I PPST or Praxis Core Academic Skills Tests.

Frequently Asked Questions for Option 2

What score must I earn to meet the basic skills requirement?
The current accepted tests, with appropriate passing scores, are listed below:

  • ACT composite score of 24 OR
  • SAT (taken after January 1, 2019) total math and critical reading score of 1180.
  • Praxis Core Academic Skills Tests, reading 156, writing 162, and mathematics 150 (must pass each part separately).

What if I took an older version of the SAT or the Praxis I PPST test?
These scores are also acceptable:

  • SAT score:
    • Taken from April 1995 – December 2018: Total math and verbal/critical reading score of 1100
    • Taken prior to April 1995: Composite math and verbal score of 1000
  • Praxis I PPST ( taken before September 2014): composite score of 527

When should I take my basic skills test if I have not already completed it?
Students who are recent high school graduates are encouraged to take the tests as soon as possible, as most of the content on the test will have been covered in their high school coursework. Students who feel they need to review should generally attempt either the SAT, ACT or Praxis Core after they have completed about 30 semester credits at MC, including their first math course. 

See a summary of the testing requirements for teachers. (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window)