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Credit by Exam for Math Courses

Credit by Examination may be administered for the following mathematics courses only: MATH 182 and MATH 280.

Students may receive credit for MATH 180, MATH 181, or Math Foundation by taking the CLEP exam. The exams can be taken at our Germantown campus.

Students wishing to earn credit for MATH 150, Elementary Applied Calculus, should take the Calculus CLEP exam which will given them credit for MATH 181.

No student will be eligible to earn credit by examination for any course which has been attempted within the last five years at Montgomery College, or at any other college. In order to take an examination for credit for one of these courses, you must:

  1. Pick up application form at the Registrar's Office.
  2. Contact the Course Chair at the Rockville Campus. For MATH 182 this is Prof. Tom Sonnabend and for MATH 280 this is Dr. Paul Duty. You will need to discuss with them whether you have the background needed to qualify to take the exam; it is helpful if you can provide materials that document your prior learning. If the request for credit by examination is approved, have the Course Chair sign the application form.
  3. Have the Department Chair sign the application form AFTER the Course Chair has signed the form.
  4. Obtain the course outline and objectives for the course from the department office.
  5. Take the form to the Cashier's Office to pay for the exam.
  6. Present the Course Chair with the application form marked Paid and make arrangements with the Course Chair as to the date and time for the examination.
  7. Go to the Assessment Center to take the exam. You should allow a block of five hours to take the exam; there are two parts, each two hours in length, and you may take a break in between.

The Course Chair will grade the exam and notify the Records Office of the results, which will be recorded on the student transcript.

The grade of P will be used to indicate that the student has passed the examination with a grade of C or higher. The grade of U will be used to indicate that the student did not pass the examination.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not wait until the last minute to make these arrangements since scheduling of the examination depends on the availability of the Course Chair. Credit by exam is not always available during the summer.