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Faculty FAQ

Will faculty and staff members be able to access their offices in the summer and fall?
The College is currently working on plans for office access. Faculty and staff members should work through their supervisors to request office access.

If you need essential items from your office in preparation for the fall semester, please submit this formnew window so that the Coronavirus Advisory Team can review your request. Some basic details are needed so that we can properly space these visits and have sufficient facilities and public safety on hand to assist.

Where can I get help preparing to teach in structured remote format?
You can find the list of Faculty Cadre in the section "Resources," which contains the list of faculty who have been determined by their Deans and Chairs to be experts in online teaching for that particular course and can be used as a point of contact for faculty who need additional assistance.

I am a faculty member already certified in Distance Learning from another institution. Do I have to get more training in remote structured teaching?
No, you can be exempted by following this process.

I have a question about academic affairs planning for COVID-19. Where can I find more information?
The College's Continuity of Instruction Plan is posted on the MC COVID-19 Continuity of Instruction page.