Student Guidance

Most classes and student services are offered remotely until further notice, and access to MC campuses and buildings is restricted. Faculty and staff will interact with students via email and telephone during the College's regular operating hours (Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.) or during each office's regular operating hours. 

Instruction Types

The vast majority of fall 2020 classes will be conducted online—either in a distance learning or structured remote format—except for a few courses that require specialized labs and equipment.

What does this mean?

Distance Learning courses are offered completely online and allow students to learn independently, on their own schedules, as they meet specific deadlines and complete assignments.  Instructors guide students’ learning with lessons, activities, and feedback through a Blackboard course site.

Distance learning courses are indicated in the course schedule as Distance Learning with a DL WEB course location.

Will students be required to come on campus?

No, all distance learning classes will be online.

Are students required to attend at specific class meeting times?

No, distance learning courses do not meet at specific times. Students must complete assignments according to a schedule set by the instructor.

What does this mean?

Structured Remote
courses are scheduled on specific days and at specific times.  Students meet as a class remotely through Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate; instructors will tell students which software to use.  Students complete reading and assignments according to the course schedule.  Class sessions take place in real time, and the instructor leads course sessions.

Structured Remote courses are listed in the course schedule with specific times and on-campus class locations, but they will not meet in those classrooms.  Instead, they will meet remotely at the scheduled times.

Will students be required to come on campus?

No, all structured remote classes will be conducted online. 

Are students required to attend at specific class meeting times?

, structured remote courses meet on specific days at specific times noted in the class schedule.


What does this mean?

Hybrid courses
are career technology-focused classes that cannot be replicated online because they require specialized equipment and/or hands-on instruction.  Students enrolled in programs such as automotive technology, building trades, health sciences, nursing, and biotechnology will need to come to campus on specific dates to specific locations.  

Hybrid courses are listed in the course schedule with specific times and on-campus class locations. Some meetings will happen online and some on-campus.  Instructors will contact students to provide details about course meeting times.

Will students be required to come on campus?

Yes, some course sessions will be held on campus (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) , with safety measures in place to protect students and employees.  

Are students required to attend at specific class meeting times?

Yes, tech-focused courses will meet on specific dates and at specific times, both online and on campus according to the instructor’s syllabus. 

Emergency Financial Assistance

Montgomery College is providing emergency financial assistance to students both through the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and through funding provided by the MC Foundation. Students may request assistance both through the CARES Act and through the MC Foundation below.  


The federal CARES Act provides direct assistance for students in the form of emergency grants. Students who meet the eligibility requirements for federal financial aid, who are still enrolled at the College, may apply for assistance. Thus far, just over 5,000 CARES funding packages have been distributed to MC students, and 2,000 additional applications for round two are being processed.

Request Financial Assistance through the CARES Act

MC Foundation

Montgomery College and the MC Foundation have worked tirelessly to provide students with emergency financial support during the coronavirus pandemic.

Since March 2020, The College and the MC Foundation have made 1,483 awards amounting to more than $615,689. 

Request Financial Assistance from the MC Foundation

Student Services

This reference table (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) will help you find out how to access what you need at Montgomery College. If you don’t see a service listed, please call Raptor Central at 240-567-5000 or email to check on the status. 

Assessments and Remote Placement

We have changed many of our procedures to make sure that new students are able to complete placement requirements in a timely manner. 

Montgomery College will implement MC Remote Placement for all new students. Math and Statistics, Chemistry, English and Reading, and English Language for Academic Purposes (ELAP) departments have designed alternative ways to place you in courses that will meet your learning needs. 

Counseling and Advising

Counseling and advising sessions are being offered remotely. See options for accessing remote counseling and advising.  

Payments and Refunds

Payments: Do not mail payments by check to the college at this time. Please pay student balances online through MyMC. Our staff have limited access to mail and very limited ability to process checks during this period. Also, due to Coronavirus restrictions, college cashier facilities are closed and we cannot accept in person payments.

Refunds: The fastest way for you to get your refund is to sign up for Electronic Refund using MyMC. If you do not sign up for eRefund your refund will be mailed to you by the postal service and may take two weeks or more to arrive. Refunds continue to be processed but impacts of coronavirus restrictions impact many functions. At this time we encourage all students to sign up for eRefund.

Academic Coaching: ATPA

Achieving the Promise Academy:  Embedded Coaches and one-on-one coaches are available with Blackboard access to continue supporting classes and individual students. Coaches will work with host faculty to help students access Blackboard Collaborate or Zoom for scheduled study sessions.


Follett MC Campus Storesnew window: Learn more about online shopping, how to return term end book rentals, and how to sell your books online without entering a store.

The MC campus stores will operate as follows:

  • Stores on all campuses are closed to guests.
  • Follett can remotely retrieve technology voucher requests submitted by the Foundation for approved student support (re-allocation of commencement funds).
  • Stores on all campuses will be entered by Follett employees only on an exception basis when an order does not process correctly. Follett will limit this access to one employee and may need access to all three campuses due to limitations on Follett software.
  • Follett will not be able to retrieve phone messages remotely and will put an outgoing message on their phones providing the caller with an email address for follow up.
  • Follett will stop receiving incoming shipments on Montgomery College campuses. All orders will have to be delivered to the requester's address.
  • Follett will not be able to continue the laptop loaner program as that would require a person to person exchange involving a student and a Follett employee.
  • Future requests for loaners should be advocated by an MC employee to the Foundation for their review and approval for a technology voucher.

Resources and Support