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Single Parent Conference Workshops

Workshops for the 2021 Single Parent Conference online seminar are offered in four tracks. See below for descriptions of each workshop and meet the workshop presenters.

Communications Within Family Dynamics

The Basics Montgomery County Maryland Overview, by Tiffany Jones

This workshop will share with parents The Basics 5 Principles, including why The Basics Principles matter, key practices that parents can use at home, and how to implement The Basics Principles into their caregiving practices. This workshop emphasizes parents as their child’s first teacher and encourages the use of The Basics Principles in their everyday lives.

Empowering Our Finances

How to Save with Maryland 529, by Suzanne Kelly

Learn about the features and benefits of saving for college in the Maryland 529 plans.

How to Safely Hire Home Improvement Contractors, by Michelle Escobar

Unless you already know a contractor who will provide good quality workmanship at a fair price, or have a strong recommendation from someone you trust, you will need to research contactors. It is as important to be careful and selective when you choose contractors to give you an estimate as when you make the final choice of a firm to do the work. Come learn the questions to ask and about prevalent scams.

Your Spending and Savings Plan, by Ronald M. Jennings, Sr. LUTCF

In this workshop, participants will develop a monthly spending and savings plan; learn how to increase income; learn how to decrease expenses; and learn how to make adjustments to the spending and savings plan.

Controlling Time and Finances, by Yurani Sandoval

As single parents, we struggle to managed finances with the lack of money, time, and organization. What can we do? Together, you will learn important strategies to manage your time and money without feeling bad for doing it all alone. This workshop has the following objectives:

  • Evaluate what income sources you have
  • Re-evaluate your expenses
  • Create a realistic budget and stick to it
  • Control your expenses
  • Develop savings and extra income
  • Control time management

Grow Your Money with New Tax Credits! by Sharon Strauss and Francesca Jean-Baptiste

Learn how you can get all your money and take away the stress from filing taxes as a single parent! In 2021, the new federal American Rescue Plan Act’s tax credits (especially the Child Tax Credit/Advanced Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit) Maryland EITC, and Montgomery’s Working Family Income Supplement greatly expand financial resources for lower income families filing taxes, including those with an ITIN. Find out how these new resources can boost your income, and how free tax groups can help you. Hear an overview of these tax changes, with examples showing how filing taxes increase family well-being!

Managing Your Credit, by William Karst, United Bank

Learn how your credit score is calculated, and how to create and maintain good credit.

  • Understanding credit
  • Understanding credit reports
  • Learning how credit scores are calculated
  • Tips for maintaining good credit

Financial Assistance for College as a Single Parent, by Susan Koslov

Attending college is a huge stepping stone to earning more money. Whether you have started your family, or are expecting your first born while working on that degree, single parents have more expenses to consider when attending college. This session will explain how to apply for financial aid and it will detail the best scholarships to apply for, considering your position. This session will also explain how to keep your financial assistance continuously flowing while working on your degree.

Emotional and Mental Health Balance

Society and Single Dads, by Michael Yehl

There are two types of single dads: public and private. Publicly, most single dads project self-confidence, a positive attitude, and an upbeat personality. Privately, single dads are emotionally beat up, without direction, trying to understand their role as a dad from a separate household, financially struggling, and trying to help their children to navigate the grief process. This workshop will help single dads identify who they are and hopefully gain a better understanding of their new role as a single dad.

The Digital Revolution & Your Family’s Mental Health, by Tracy Broadhurst

Electronics inform us, entertain us, and keep our children quiet. But, what is really happening as a person stares into the screen? What do the experts say? Let’s look at the digital revolution together—the good, the bad, and the ugly—and consider fresh options.

Gardening 101: Gardening for your Well-Being in Every Space, by Kimani Anku

This workshop will present information on how to get started in gardening no matter what type of home (apartments or houses) you live in or your location (city, suburb or country).  Participants will learn how to start small and work their way to a larger garden and how to maintain their gardens.  This interactive workshop will show you how to start a traditional garden, but to also show the methods and techniques of hydroponic gardening. You don't have to have a "green thumb" to become an expert gardener. Learn the benefits to gardening for food sustainability and enjoyable mental health – gardening for your soul.

El balance emocional y mental en nuestras vidas, by Roberto Flores

For this workshop, Mr. Flores shares the importance of emotional and mental health balance in a daily basis. He will provide techniques and practices to improve situations related to anxiety, stress, and depression. This topic usually includes six components and after each one, he will pull out a poll survey where you can participate and track your knowledge acquisition. Also, he will include resources across Montgomery County, to facilitate information. As a final exercise, he will encourage you to express your feelings and feedback.

Empowering the Youth of Our Future

Launch Project Parenting: 3 Key Long-Term Strategies to Avoid Kid Launch Failure, by Tonda Bean

Parenting can be both demanding and hectic. It is often hard to decide what’s most important and what to do next. Approaching parenting as a project can help you to set clear goals, organize activities, and prioritize your efforts. In other words, you can clearly see your victories and improve your peace of mind. As a parent, you’ve been working hard at clearing ground and laying foundation. This workshop invites you to rest a moment and refresh your perspective as you relate your current activities to the ultimate parenting goal—launching your kid(s) into independent adulthood.