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Boys to Men Program

Fostering Long-Term Academic Success in Men of Color Students
Boys to Men with Dr. Williams

Boys to Men is a mentorship initiative that caters to men of color, aiming to assist them in navigating through the college experience. The program's goal is to encourage greater academic success, student activism, and personal responsibility. Our program offers insights into various support services and resources accessible through the college and community. Through monthly workshops and seminars, enrolled students can engage in discussions about critical topics such as financial literacy, academic scholarship, mental health care, and career development. 

Program Benefits

Apart from mentorship, the program provides the following benefits: 

  • Monthly meetings with peers and mentors.
  • A safe and welcoming environment for members to express their interests, values, and beliefs.
  • Networking opportunities with members of the Montgomery College community.
  • Access to information on college and community resources.
  • The chance to engage in insightful and meaningful conversations on diverse topics that will broaden your experiences and knowledge. 

Membership Requirements 

To participate and reap the full benefits of Boys to Men (BTM), members must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Complete the BTM intake formnew window.
  • Complete their first intake session with a BTM mentor.
  • Meet with a BTM mentor a minimum of 2 times each semester.
  • Must attend weekly or monthly group meetings.
  • Must be a Montgomery College student.
  • Must be enrolled in a minimum of 3 semester hours.
  • Participate in community services events led by the program. 

The Matters of the Mind and Money Colloquium

In the 2022-23 academic year, the Boys to Men Program organized the Matters of the Mind and Money Colloquium, a seven-week initiative aimed at educating students on identifying diverse college funding sources, legitimate scholarship resources, financial literacy basics, and successful transfer planning steps. The MMMC was a collaborative effort between several offices and services at Montgomery College, including the Boys to Men Program, Counseling & Advising, the First-Year Experience Program of Takoma Park and Silver Spring, Scholarship Office, the Office of Financial Aid on Germantown, Learning Support Services, Educational Opportunity Center, and Student Employment Service of Takoma Park and Silver Spring. Each department was dedicated to sharing their expertise in their designated areas.  

Thanks to our partnerships, the program was able to award twenty-four students a $500 scholarship each. This funding supported our students' educational endeavors and college education. We feel privileged to have provided this opportunity to our students and are proud of their accomplishments. 

Fall 2023 Boys to Men Meeting Details

Boys to Men Program

The Boys to Men program has been dedicated to assisting students in achieving success through college and community resources for several years. During the upcoming fall semester, the program will be conducting meetings covering various topics, and individuals within the college community are encouraged to attend. To join the program, please complete the Boys to Men intake formnew window. In case of any inquiries about the program, kindly reach out to us via email at or call Professor Antonette Jones at 240-567-5098. 

Rockville Campus Meetings

  • Time: 2:003:00 p.m .
  • Formats: ZOOMnew window (There is a ZOOM option for all RV meetings) or in-person
  • Dates:
    1. Tuesday, September 19: ZOOMnew window or in-person in SV 220
    2. Tuesday, October 3 : ZOOMnew window or in-person in SV 220
    3. Tuesday, October 17 : ZOOMnew window or in-person in SV 220
    4. Tuesday, October 24: ZOOMnew window or in-person in SV 220
    5. Tuesday, November 7: ZOOMnew window or in-person in SC 152
    6. Tuesday, November 28:  via ZOOMnew window only

Germantown Campus Meetings

  • Time: noon–1:00 p.m.
  • Format: In-Person
  • Location: HT 216
  • Dates:
    1. Wednesday, September 20
    2. Wednesday, October 4
    3. Wednesday, October 11
    4. Wednesday, October 25
    5. Wednesday, November 1
    6. Wednesday, November 15
    7. Wednesday, November 29


Mentor Yannick Diouf

It’s been almost a decade since I joined the Boys to Men club at Montgomery College. I joined as an undocumented Black freshmen from a low-income single mother household who served as a father figure to my siblings but lacked one myself—until I was introduced to Boys to Men.

I was able to receive the intellectual, emotional and logistical support I needed from Gus and the Boys to Men community in the tremendous task of navigating higher education as an undocumented, first generation, and low-income young Black man. I was able to attend Montgomery College then graduated with my Bachelors in Business from University of Maryland, College Park. Through Boys to Men, I was able to attend conferences, meet influential figures, and expand my horizons to what is possible. 

 I am now in the finance industry as a Relationship Manager at Fannie Mae, a $3.5 trillion company in assets and a secondary mortgage leader. I also serve as Co-founder and Finance Director of UndocuBlack Network, a national organization for Black undocumented immigrants. I also plan on pursuing an MBA in the near future. 

Throughout my time in school as well as the professional world, Gus has remained someone I know that I can trust and go to for advice. As someone navigating America as a first-generation immigrant, I am appreciative of the male role models I and my younger brother have been able to tap into at Boys to Men.

Yannick Diouf
University of Maryland College Park '16
Robert H. Smith School of Business
Business Management 

I'd like to say that the Boys to Men program has been very helpful in introducing me to the plentiful resources at MC. It's a reliable support system for any type of situation. The management is great and are always looking out for your best interest.

I would like to thank you Mr. Ayers personally, because without his help, I wouldn't have known as much about MC on my own. He has been a great help.

Ange Patrick Amessan, MC Student, BTM Member