MC Votes

MC Votes

Who is MC Votes?

Welcome to the online home for MC’s working group of faculty, staff, and students encouraging voter education and engagement at Montgomery College. We are an ad hoc working group convened by the Service-Learning Program to support collaboration and cross-promotion of voter education and engagement at MC. Anyone is welcome! Contact Rockville Campus Service-Learning Coordinator Nik Sushka to promote activities and get involved.

What We Are Trying to Do

  • Support MC’s civic & academic mission
  • Engage politically diverse students & employees
  • Provide information to:
    • Students about voter resources like voter registration forms and nonpartisan voter guides
    • Faculty about curriculum and professional resources
    • Employees about institutional resources like enrichment leave for election workers
    • Community members at large
  • Increase MC turnout during elections, as measured by future participation in the National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement (NSLVE)

How do I get involved?

Support MC Votes activities in your classroom, student club or organization, department, or neighborhood. Check this page frequently for the most recently updated list of activities and events.