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MC Votes

MC Votes

MC Votes is a working group of faculty, staff, and students encouraging voter education and engagement at Montgomery College. Convened by the Service-Learning Program, MC Votes meets frequently to support collaboration and cross-promotion of voter education and engagement at MC. Anyone is welcome! Contact MC Votes to get involved at

Election Day has passed.
Now what?

Track the Results 
We encourage you to turn to trusted, nonpartisan sources for accurate and current information, such as the Associated Press Election Hubnew window

Many local and state races have been decided. Visit your state's election website for official information, like Maryland's election window 

Track Your Ballot
If you submitted a mail in ballot, you can track your ballotnew window to ensure it has been received and counted. 

Election Protection
If you are experiencing issues getting your vote counted, contact the National Election Protectionnew window Hotline at 866-OUR-VOTE.

Important Election Deadlines

  • December 8th:  Safe Harbor Deadline to submit results to the Electoral College
  • December 14th: Electors cast their official votes
  • January 6th: Vote counts are certified 
  • January 20th: President is inaugurated and begins the next term

Post-Election Events & Resources

Fall 2020 Election Basics

MC Votes Fall 2020 Election Basics

Our Goals

  • Support MC’s academic and civic mission
  • Engage politically diverse students and employees
  • Provide information to:
    • Students about voter resources like voter registration forms and nonpartisan voter guides
    • Faculty about curriculum and professional resources
    • Employees about institutional resources like enrichment leave for election workers
    • Community members at large
  • Increase MC turnout during elections, as measured by future participation in the National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement (NSLVE)

Get Involved

MC Votes Working Group Meetings are typically held the first Monday of the month from 2-3 p.m.  Please check the events sidebar to register for upcoming meetings. 

You can also support MC Votes activities in your classroom, student club or organization, department, or neighborhood: