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Environmental Health & Occupational Safety Steering Committee


The goal for the College Environmental Health & Safety Committee is to reinforce environmental health and safety as an institutional priority. This committee will be comprised of broad representation across all divisions of Montgomery College and will collaborate on, monitor, and maintain a safe learning and working environment.  The committee will engage in open discussion, proactively address potential issues, or problems, and mitigate risks


The goal for this committee is to eliminate workplace hazards and environmental concerns, to maintain a safe campus community.  A proactive safety culture integrates Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental programs into the continuous improvement process across the entire organization. Modifying and standardizing existing Occupational & Environmental Safety Management processes/ practices within the framework of a Safety Management System will lead to significant improvement in the public health and safety experience of both students and employees and ensure a proactive and robust culture of safety.

Environmental Health and Occupational Safety Organization

View the organizational chart (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window) for the EHS organization.

EHS Steering Committee

Member List

  • Adam Reid  Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management
  • Carol Kliever  Director of Employee and Labor Relations
  • Chevelle Glymph  Director of Public Health and Environmental Safety
  • Edward Roberts Dean  WDCE Applied Technologies and Gudelsky Institute for Technical Education
  • Frank Trezza  Dean Visual, Performing and Media Arts
  • James Sniezek  Dean of Chemical and Biological Sciences
  • Sharon Coope  Lab Manager Rockville Chemistry (Chair of Chem/Phys Hazards Subcommittee)
  • Jenny Walton  Lab Manager Takoma Park Visual & Performing Arts (Chair Occupational Safety Subcommittee)
  • Michael Harting  Emergency Management & Outreach Coordinator (Chair Emergency Response & Recovery Subcommittee)
  • Janee McFadden  Dean of Student Affairs
  • Maria Adams-Davidson  Ethics and Compliance Specialist
  • Marvin Mills  Vice President for Facilities
  • Maryam Hosseini  Physics Instructional Lab Supervisor
  • Dean of Science, Engineering and Technology
  • Monique Davis  Dean of Health Science
  • Shakenna Adams-Gormley College Council Chair
  • Susan Watson  Chief Compliance, Risk, and Ethics Officer
  • Terrence Evelyn  Director of College-wide Facilities
  • Mai Toyofuku Interim Environmental Safety Manager

EHS Sub-Committees

Steering Committee Sponsor-Dean of Chemistry and Biosciences

    • James Sniezek, Sharon Coope (Chairs)
    • Terry Gulston  (Administrative Support Member)
  • Interim Environmental Safety Manager
    • Mai Toyofuku
  • Chemistry Instructional Lab Manager
    • Dwayne Henry (TP)
    • Sharon Coope (RV)
    • Vivian Kruft (GT)
  • Chemical Hygiene Officer (29CFR 1910.1450)
    • Sharon Coope
  • Physics Instructional Lab Supervisor (RV)
    • Maryam Hosseini
  • Engineering & Geology Lab Coordinator
    • Syed Gilani (RV)
    • Greg Downs (GT)
    • Xumei Ren (TP)
  • Facilities representative (O&M and Building Services Supervisors)
    • Anthony Berardino (GT)
    • Carlos Castillo (TP)
    • Richard White (RV)
    • Eduardo Fuentes (TP)
  • Public Safety representative (Emergency Coordination)
    • Christopher Moorhead
  • Biosciences Instructional Lab Supervisor
    • Dwayne Henry (Co-Chair Takoma Park)
    • Akhter Chowdhury (Rockville)
    • Kay Wright (Germantown)
  • Biotechnology Lab Manager
    • Max Suvorow (GT)
  • Facilities representative (Emergency Coordination)
    • Eusebio Bonilla (TP)
  • Public Safety representative (Emergency Coordination)
    • Paul Jenkins (GT)

Steering Committee Sponsor-Vice President for Facilities

    • Jenny Walton (Chair)
  • Environmental Safety Specialist
    • Mike Rocke
  • Campus Facilities Directors:
    • Ali Fadl (Takoma Park Campus)
    • James Gillis (Rockville Campus)
    • Maurice McCambley (Germantown Campus)
  • Human Resources/Risk Management
    • Carol Kliever
  • Planning & Design Director
    • Kerry Norberg (interim for Planning and Design Director)
  • Facilities Employee representative (one from each campus)
    • Richard White (Rockville Campus)
    • Marvin S. Hernandez (Germantown Campus)
    • Kirk Thompson (Takoma Park Campus)
  • Physics Shop Coordinator
    • Paul Bayhurst
  • Representative from Fine Art*
    • Jenny Walton
  • Representative from WDCE Auto Tech, Art, other relevant program*
    • Debbie Crutchfield
  • Representative from Performing Art Center*
    • Jason Bruffy
  • Representative from Theatre Arts*
    • Roger Bridges
  • Representative from Public Safety/Emergency Planning*
    • James Osuhon (Rockville Campus)

*Must represent the issues of all three campuses, be able to gather relevant issues and bring them to this sub-committee in a timely manner for discussion and determination of next steps and/or resolution.

Steering Committee Sponsor- Dean of Nursing & Health Sciences

  • Environmental Safety Specialist/Public Health Professional
  • Counseling & Advising representative-Chair or Counselor from BIT
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Health Sciences department representative
  • Wellness Coordinator (HR)
  • Nursing Program representative
  • Student Wellness Center/Mental Health Coordinator
  • HRSTM/Benefits representative
  • International Programs representative
  • Community Engagement Centers representative

Steering Committee Sponsor- Public Safety/Emergency Management

  • ES Specialist / Manager
  • College-wide Director of Facilities
  • Fire Science & Emergency Services Academic program
  • Student Affairs Dean or Associate Dean
  • Director of Auxiliary Services
  • Director of Public Safety & Emergency Management
  • Campus Facilities Directors (all three campuses)
  • Assistant Directors for Public Safety (all three campuses)
  • IT representative
  • Communications Officer or representative
  • External representative from Montgomery County agencies may be invited to meetings

Environmental Health and Safety Steering Committee Inaugural Meeting

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes for steering committee and all sub-committees